Unexpected | Comfy Sweat & Quilted Skirt

Hello everyone! It got pretty busy at work yesterday so I didn’t have a weekend update–apologies. Feel free to check my instagram if that ever happens, because I’m constantly updating there more often.

Anyways, if you happened to catch my 2013 Fall Lookbook video, although today’s weather is a little chillier than normal Fall temps in November, then you may have seen this outfit below. When this skirt first arrived to my door, I loved the look and feel of the material, but I couldn’t quite picture what kind of items I could pair with the skirt. As I was standing in my closet glancing around, my eyes fell upon this comfy sweatshirt top that I’ve worn many a times before, but never did a pairing on the blog with it. So I threw the two on together to see how they looked and kinda liked it. I was still not sure about it up until the shoot, but the outfit was just so comfortable that I went with it. This was definitely an unexpected outfit that I never would have thought to put together, but had I not tried, I wouldn’t have known.

So ladies, lesson here is to try and experiment more within your closets and think outside the box a little. You may be surprised what odd combinations you come up with that actually might not look bad at all. Fashion is all about having fun and take some risks, right? What do you have to lose anyways? =P

Now that the weather is a little colder, I do have another outfit pairing idea to go with the skirt, but for a Winter look. Can’t wait to see how that will turn out. =D

Outfit: Splendid top (old) // H&M Quilted Skirt // Elizabeth and James Blink pumps (old) // Balenciaga bag (pretty cappucino color here with rose gold hardware) // Jewelmint necklace combo with Morgan Ashleigh charm necklace (both old) // Michele watch // Chloe sunnies

I have to thank my friend, JR, for finding this location to film and shoot the video and photos last month. I didn’t know this place existed until she mentioned it and so happy that we were able to shoot there. It’s a place called the Artisphere in Arlington and made for such a beautiful backdrop to many shots. Of course, the view of the DC monument, the Capitol and memorials didn’t hurt either.

Artisphere is known for connecting artists and audience through thought-provoking art. They showcase installations, performances and movies. In fact, last month when we shot there, they were showcasing an Andy Warhol exhibit, which holds a place in my heart. One of my favorite museum in Pittsburgh when I went to school there was the Andy Warhol museum, so it definitely brought back some memories. Anyways, if you’re ever in the area, feel free to stop by.

After the shoot, JR had to run to her friend’s place and prep for a surprise engagement as I stuck around the Artisphere to grab some photos below. Since it was close to after hours, there were practically no one there, so it was nice just exploring the area in peace.


Thanks for reading as always and have a great one!


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  1. these photos are beautiful! i love the quilted skirt and you paired it perfectly!

    cute & little