Top 4 Picks from Isabel Marant for H&M Launch Tomorrow

Anybody who knows me knows that although I love Fashion, but I don’t keep up with Fashion news at all. So it was no surprise that I didn’t realize the Isabel Marant for H&M is launching tomorrow until I got an email for it. Oy.

Anyways, I did a quick browse on the site and added these below as for my favorites. Since H&M launched their online store recently, I have been coming to the site more often to make my purchases. Although I do not like that we have to pay shipping on the site, it does make the experience pretty convenient (and dangerous) to shop for my sizes without having to call each store to search for my size. The site itself is pretty handy enough to add your items to favorites, but also gives you a nice little layout platform where you can move around and change your items’ image sizes. Once you have all items arranged nicely the way you like it, you can even share that page. Pretty cool.

So here are my top 4 picks below:

Beaded Embroidery Jacket – $399 // Lace Top – $99 // Metal Beaded Suede Pumps – $199 // Rigid Edge Cuff – $24.95

Did you ladies browse the site and what are your picks? Love to hear them!


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  1. Оксана Золотухина says:

    I love your choice! Thanks for sharing:)