My Date with Houston & KL

As you know, I was in Houston for early November and KL graciously hosted me for a few days while she took me around her city and even one night in San Antonio.

When people say that everything is big in Texas, they were not kidding. The highways seemed wider, the land on each side of the highways seemed endless, the food portions were ridiculous and even the hotels’ hallways seemed wider (no joke).

All in all, I had such a great time and Houston offered so many neat art installations scattered all around the city that makes it harder to explore everything in a short time. However, since Texas is pretty big, Austin might be the next destination to visit if I find myself in Texas again. Until then, I hope you enjoy the photos below from my trip.


On our road trip to San Antonio which was about 2.5 hours from Houston, KL would not stop talking about Buc-ee’s! I could see why though. If you want to stock up on souvenirs before leaving Texas, Buc-ee’s the place to be. Especially those dilled pickles that were so fresh and delicious, I could see why KL could eat a whole jar in a day. I almost did.

Of course, I had to take home a little souvenir from the trip, so I got some wildflower honey stored in this boot-shaped jar. And since I didn’t want to check my bag in, I poured most of the honey out for KL and took a tiny mason jar home with my boot mug.

After we checked into the hotel, it was time to head over to the Natural Bridge Cavern about 30 minutes or so from downtown San Antonio where we got to see amazing stalagmites and stalactites formation below ground. There was even one formation that looked like a face.


Then we headed back to San Antonio and walked around the Riverwalk for a bit. This area was where KL mentioned that the Riverwalk was built with German influences. While we were there, we bumped into several big festivities: 1) the Dias de Los Muertos, where they celebrated the dead and even have makeup artists paint faces that resemble skulls with intricate designs and 2) an awesome fun festival celebrating Diwali where we got to walk around tasting mango ice cream and mango lassi with endless amount of Indian food. I just realized that I didn’t have a pic of the Diwali festival–will need to update that when I get home tonight.


Then it was time for some sleep before waking up and heading back to Houston as well as stopping by Buc-ee’s again. In the words of KL, “you can’t deny the beaver”. Nope, not especially since they make such delicious fresh dill pickles.

After we got back to Houston, we went straight to Chinatown for some dim sum and then grabbed a bunch of rambutans and fresh coconuts below. I’ve never had fresh coconut drinks ever and it was so refreshing to try one without all the added sugar you’d find in most coconut drinks out there. I was surprised to see in one can that had almost 20 grams of sugar. I just thought that most of the sugar was natural, but it wasn’t.

Although it does take a butcher knife to break into one of these babies, it still makes it a much healthier version, so they’re definitely worth the extra effort.


Then we walked around the neighborhood and went to see these 7 Tolerance scupltures made up from 9 languages of the world and created by Barcelona-based artist Jaume Plensa.


My last day at Houston, I got to meet KL’s mom and spent some time with Plato. In all of his photos on instagram, I expected Plato to be small and fluffy. Well, when I first met him, he was fluffy alright, but also, how do I put this delicately to not offend his poor ears… Well, let’s say he was well-loved. ^_^


I had such an amazing time in Houston and thank you so much to KL for hosting me. I ate so much and still felt like a lb or two stuck around afterwards, which you could see from my Houston foodie post. I hope I could lose them before the holiday starts in a few weeks.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!


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