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Happy Wednesday y’all! No worries–I did not come back from Houston with a Texas twang, although that didn’t stop me and KL from spouting nonsense in our best version of the accent.

I flew back late Monday night and had to catch up from work yesterday, so this post is rather late. I had such a great time in Houston (already missing the warm weather!) and have to thank KL for being a wonderful hostess. =D This post will highlight a little bit of the foodie places that we went. There will be another in-depth posts of the places that we went during my trip, so stay tuned for that. You can also check out my instagram to see what’s to come in a later post.

Friday morning started out with a big, big Texas-style lunch at Barnaby’s Cafe and all that above literally held us over to late dinner time. We gathered from the cute puppy decor that the restaurant was probably named after the owner’s dog and sure enough, it was his childhood sheepdog that passed away. How cute is that. Now I’m almost tempted to name my future dog Barnaby. =D

2. IMG_0148
For dinner that night, we met up with Christen and her hubs at Underbelly by Chef Chris Shepherd–a trendy fusion restaurant that had portions definitely more to my liking. The menu changed according to what were available at the market with fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Buc-ee Dilled Pickles
The next morning, it was roadtripping time to San Antonio for the night. Throughout the two hour drive, KL would not stop talking about this place called Buc-ee’s and apparently was voted the cleanest restrooms in America. Not going to lie, the restrooms almost had a floral potpourri scent in the air.

I really had no idea what to expect from a place like Buc-ees, but as I walked into the store, I saw tons of camo gear on one side and Buc-ee the Beaver paraphernalias on the other. The one thing second to the Beaver that KL talked the most were these dilled pickles. Again, didn’t know what the hype was all about until I bit into one and had to pick up some on the way back. The pickles were made fresh and not the neon yellow color that you would see in the grocery stores. I must have eaten at least half of the pickles on the ride back. Now I miss it. Too bad they do not have an online store!

3. IMG_0273
After we came back from San Antonio and had some dim sum earlier, we went to Goode Company restaurant. The franchise separated its restaurants into BBQ, Seafood and Taqueria and they were scattered all over Houston. We went to the Seafood location. The raw oysters were fresh and the dishes were all seasoned with the good ole Creole flavors. This was the first time I had gumbo soup and I must say, it makes me want to go to New Orleans even more so now. So delish.

4. IMG_0253
My last day in Houston and a rainy one at that, we stopped by Little Sheep Mongolion for some Hot Pot. Also another first for me trying out some mongolion hot pot, which was all about the spicy flavor broth. Since I don’t eat meat anymore, I opted for the vegetarian broth.

Hot pPt is one of my favorite meals that I could eat anytime, anywhere. The ingredients at the restaurant were pretty fresh and even the shrimp balls were made fresh to order–not the typical frozen kinds you find at most hot pot places.
5. IMG_0254
Lastly, who could forget the desserts. We stopped by Gelato Cup for this shaved ice dessert that was similar to the Korean bingsoo, but made slightly different. The shaved ice comes in three flavors: lychee, mango and one other that I can’t remember right now. Then the ice is flanked with three fruits of strawberries, pineapples, melons and red bean topped off with gelato flavor of choice, and of course drizzle with condensed milk to finish the dessert off. This was absolutely delicious. For those of you who like exotic flavors, they even have durian gelato. ;P

This place was more cantonese-style with additional dessert options like soft dessert tofu in ginger syrup and the fruit sago dessert. I would definitely go to this place more often if I visit Houston again.

Another dessert place that had a new location opened up in Chinatown was Bambu–dessert drink place that is apparently opening up several more locations come Fall. So I tried out the Chè trái cây recommended by KL which has a mixture of lychee, longan, red tapioca, jackfruit, palm seed, pandan jelly, jello, and young coconut meat. It was heaven in my mouth.

My favorite Vietnamese dessert drink is Chè 3 Màu–a drink mixture that has red bean, white bean, green/mung bean, taro, and pandan jelly all rolled up into one yummy dessert. We have one at the Eden Center in VA, but I haven’t had the chance to go there and try one out. I may need to make an effort this time around.

Well, I hope you enjoy this foodie edition of Houston. I was fed all too well and came back with a good 5lbs on me. Definitely hit the gym yesterday and totally detoxing the rest of the week.

Hope you all have a great one today.


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