Blindfold Hairstyle Challenge Tag with SLOABN

If you’re familiar with Youtube’s community, you’ll know that there are fun tag videos that you could watch on there that challenges the beauty community skill sets. Tag videos such as the 3 minute makeup challenge, or the no mirror makeup challenge and also the blindfolded makeup challenge were among the many. I mean, what will they come up next? Anyways, there’s actually a blindfolded hairstyle challenge that I’ve never heard of until a few months ago and I wanted to do one!

So as you can guess, I secretly volunteered KL to be my victim for this tag video and so glad she agreed without putting up much of a fight. Thanks girl for being such a sport!


I thoroughly enjoyed putting this video together and just being silly. I thought this was going to be such an easy challenge to do since I do my own hair half the time without looking anyways. However, that was not the case. Anyways, I hope you took something from the video and was able to apply it on your own.

Also, I’ll be heading to a Outfitted + Chevrolet popup shop event tomorrow at the Loft on 600 F Street. If those of you in the DMV area would like to attend the event, feel free to RSVP and add yourself to the list!


Thanks for reading/watching and have a great weekend!


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