Instamix: Seminar, DC Wine Week and Potluck Sunday

Happy Columbus Day everyone! Unfortunately, I have to work and it’s sunny out. The good thing about working on Columbus day was that the commute into work took only 30 minutes–not too shabby to start off the week, am I right?

Anyways, although it was rainy all weekend, it was still a busy one like any.

Saturday, I had to wake up and work a seminar in Alexandria. After that was done, my coworkers introduced me to this place called Society Fair–a carnival-themed restaurant with fun mixed drink concoctions. Since I don’t drink, the lady at the bar made me some mixture of grapefruit soda, orange juice and something else–pretty delish.

After that, I drove home and got ready to meet Linda at this DC wine week event at Veritas Wine Bar hosted by Pivotal Point Communications and Lisa Byrne with sponsors from Yelp and IntheCapital. Again, I don’t drink, but it was still a fun event keeping Linda company as she tasted through several wine options on the menu. They had appetizer spread, however, which I totally loaded up on cheese and bread.

Then we walked in the rain towards Hank’s Oyster Bar that I’ve heard of but never tried. I ordered half a dozen of raw oysters to try out as Linda got her popcorn shrimp. I definitely want to come back here for happy hour when they have $1 oysters and also try out their lobster roll for sure.

As it was getting pretty late, we walked towards the dupont metro and the “hot now” sign at Krispy Kreme was lit, so obviously had to stop in for hot-off-the-oven glazed doughnut that just melted in your mouth and hot chocolate.

This was not supposed to be a foodie night adventure, but apparently turned into one. Hey, not complaining in the least bit. =)

Sunday was supposed to be one however, but the rain was just killing our moods that we didn’t feel like trekking back into DC for “Taste of DC”. I had a client meeting that morning then met up at Linda’s place to do potluck instead. Not a bad thing to end the weekend for sure.

I hope you all had a great weekend and if you do have Columbus Day off today, enjoy it and lucky you.


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