Not Your Grandma’s Style | Tapestry Dress & SecretLifeofaBioNerd

Hey everyone! While in NYC for NYFW, I stayed with KL and some of you may know her as SecretLifeofaBioNerd on Youtube. After catching the Jill Stuart show and trekking all over NYC for some mussels, but eventually settled on lobster roll at Luke’s, I wanted to capture some photos of her outfit. By the way, I cannot get enough of Luke’s lobster roll and so glad that there’s one right in Bethesda–awesome.

As for KL’s outfit of the day, she got the dress from Dailylook in a tapestry material that I’ve only seen used on pillows or curtains. KL even remarked that she has a similar bolt of fabric at home for some of her DIY projects. The fabric and cut of the dress looked great on her and it’s such a versatile Fall piece that I can see transitioning from Summer to Fall and even through Winter very well.

The rest of KL’s outfit consisted of a necklace from Charlotte Ruse, Chanel sunnies, Prada Saffiano bag (been eyeing the mini one recently), Zara sandals, Swatch watch (similar here) and metal plated belt (similar).


After our mini photo shoot, we separated to do our respective events before meeting up at Times Square for KL’s meet and greet. Her viewers were so nice always bearing gifts and hugs and it was awesome just witnessing all of that. Of course, we had to grab some cheesecake dessert at no other place than Juniors that came highly recommended by Linda who met up with us later for the weekend.


As you may or may not have noticed, I got to know KL fairly well the past couple of months. It was actually pretty funny how we met and right around the time that I went to LA for the GenBeauty conference end of May.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge karaoke fan, so when Anne from Beauty Bitten invited me out to karaoke with her and few others, I was all up for it. Little did I know that I would make such a great connection and friend from that evening.

I’ve watched KL’s Youtube channel for awhile now and have seen her journey from beginning to now and even had a peak into her personal life as she showed us her engagement to longtime bf, now husband, Texan. So it was almost like I knew her in real life, but not really–lol.

Anyways, back to the story. So I walked in and instantly KL recognized me from my old YT channel that I switched from and I was flattered that she even saw my channel. As we all settled into our little karaoke room along with Janelle, her friend Serena, Ann, and Evelina, we started adding all the songs into the system for queue. As soon as Nikki Minaj’s Superbass video came on, KL was all prepared to sing/rap through the whole song, before I picked up the mic to sing the high notes as she rapped flawlessly through the rest. It was like we completed the song and might I add, got a high score after we finished. And since then, our friendship blossomed.

Now it seems as if it’s been forever since we last seen each other even though it was only last month. No worries. I recently booked a ticket to Houston to visit KL and Christen and have them show me around the city they love. KL mentioned it was the perfect time to visit Texas, since the weather wouldn’t be too hot to manage.

All I can say is I can’t wait to see them soon and ready to explore good ole Houston, Texan-style. Now the question would be, what to wear? =)


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  1. Her dress is lovely♥ she is such an amazing person!

    Amethyst horn bracelet

  2. itshappydays says:

    Love K.L.
    She’s gorgeous and totally awesome =)
    Great post


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