Instamix: Labor Day

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a relaxing Labor Day weekend. I felt like I didn’t really do much with the lack of photos, but that was probably because I didn’t have time to take more photos. =P For some reason, my instagram is not saving the photos after they’ve been uploaded to the app, so apologies for the photo sizing below. 

Anyways, Saturday, I had a wedding, which I didn’t have a photo for that day, so let’s get started with the rest of the weekend.

Sunday, I spent most of the morning cleaning the apartment and got rid of much needed useless stuff around the place. Then, drove to Annapolis for an engagement session and since I had a little break in-between outfit changes, stopped by the ice cream truck for a double cone with fudge topping.

Whenever I see or hear an ice cream truck, the little girl inside me absolutely goes giddy and the music always bring back a little bit of childhood memories. This truck was a little different compared to most I’ve seen because it actually had soft serve ice cream — already an A+ in my book.


I was at my local Hmart the other day and happened to browse through the frozen section when I saw my favorite all-time coconut juice brand and immediately stocked up the cart with 10. I had at least one or two a day and was ready to stock up again. I grew up with this stuff and especially love eating the huge coconut chunks that come in each container–so delish. Although a little pricier than the other coconut juice brands, I definitely prefer it better.

photo (20)

As you know, I am a little obsessed with Boiling Crab and was randomly searching on Yelp to see if there was a version like that in my area. Well, Hot n Juicy came up and I was super excited to go try it out! Needless to say, it was good enough to satisfy my Boiling Crab cravings every now and then, although I may not go too often considering the prices are a little higher than LA ones. Go figure since it’s the only one in the whole DMV area.

While there, I ordered half lb shrimp in extra spicy and the green mussels in regular spicy–both were not that spicy at all. 😉 I do hope there will be more restaurants like that opening up in the DMV area and maybe the prices will be more competitive then. One can hope.

get ready with me wedding guest_thumbnail
Finally, I put up my first “Get Ready with Me” video and it was when I attended as a wedding guest few weeks ago, but actually ended up shooting that day. Hey, at least look good doing it, right? Admittedly, it was a little uncomfortable being all dressed up and shooting, but I made do. =P

And that’s it. Have a great day back from long break!


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