Summer Casual Bridal Updo

Hey everyone! So this tutorial was actually filmed three weeks ago and I just got around to editing it. Apologies for taking so long to put this up, but I’m glad I was able to do so before Summer ends. I can’t believe next month is September already–sheesh! Anyways, this hairstyle is not limited to weddings of course–you can definitely wear this for any special events coming up.

LaBelleMel_Summer Casual Bridal Updo1
LaBelleMel_Summer Casual Bridal Updo2
LaBelleMel_Summer Casual Bridal Updo3
LaBelleMel_Summer Casual Bridal Updo4

Materials used:
Tresemme heat tamer spray
1/2 inch curling iron
bobby pins
Salon Grafix Hair Shaping Spray
few sprigs of baby breaths

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have a great one!


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