Product Review: Careprost Eyelash Serum

Hey everyone! So here’s a product review for you all. Since my last post on Rapidlash and Talika and up until three weeks ago, I was just using Rapidlash only and was still able to see results. Well, after a month or two of using Rapidlash, I didn’t see enough length growth as I was seeing when I used Maximumlash.

Of course, I am always on a lookout for the next best serum and did a little research to see if there was something comparable to Maximumlash and maybe even comparable to the popular and more expensive brands of lash serums on the market. I couldn’t see myself paying that much for an item that I need to replenish every three months. Thankfully, I bumped into another lash serum called Careprost that I purchased from LifetimeLashes for $29 each with free applicators and shipping. I’ve also ordered from UnitedPharmacies for $30.90 after shipping is included.


As you can see from the photos above, the differences between the two photos are small, but noticeably enough that I made the switch to Careprost. First, my lashes grew a little longer where I had a few people noticed my lashes within the first week or so of using the serum. Second, Careprost had filled in the spaces between my lashes making them all about equal lengths, which was great.

Careprost contains Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution, which according to my pharmacist friend/fashionista, Linda, is a lower concentration form used by popular lash serums on the market at .03%.

Careprost ingredients:

Active ingredient bimatoprost (0.03%)
Also contains benzalkonium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate dibasic, citric acid monohydrate, purified water.

Bimatoprost ophthalmic eye drops was used to first treat certain diseases of the eye like glaucoma and ocular hypertension which occurs in many people as they grow older. Later, it was found that the side effect of using the eye drops resulted in longer, thicker and darker eyelashes.

When I first received the eye drop bottle, I was a little stumped and didn’t try out the product right away. I had no idea what to do with it, since all the past lash serums that I’ve used came with a built-in eyeliner brush.

However, the brush that came with the purchase of Careprost was a bit too thick for my taste. Knowing that there was a possibility that this solution could stain the eyelids, I used an thin eyeliner brush to apply the solution across the lash line each night. In just a week, I already noticed results and now going on three weeks, I am more than satisfied with this serum. If you’re starting out with a lash serum, you want to apply daily for 4-6 weeks than after that, once a week to maintain.

I definitely felt that careprost was very much comparable to when I used Maximumlash, but resulted in better results. So far, I have not seen any staining on the eyelids like it did with Maximumlash, but then again, it was over 3 months of usage of Maximumlash before I saw any discoloration on my eyelids.

Since then, with any new serums that I’ve tested out, I’ve only applied the serum to my top lash line and kept the bottom alone. If the serum did stain, it would only darken the top lid, leaving the bottom lash line alone. This would help me look less tired and would also help save on concealer.

Caution: Since Careprost is not FDA-approved, please do your own research as well and use product with caution. Be careful not to get product into eye when applying along the lash line.

I hope this review was helpful. If you have used Careprost before, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Hope you all have a great one.


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  1. Hi, i’m considering to order my careprost from LifetimeLashes ( Wonder is that website legit? Did you receive your order ontime? What kind of payment did you make? i would really appreciate your reply on this. Thanks.

    • hey Margareth! Yes I bought several times through timeless beauty website. I’ve never had a problem with the website and used my credit card on there. Hth!

  2. I just purchased from lifetime lashes which redirects to the website Margareth listed. I’m a little paranoid now that my credit card information was entered. I have received no confirmation email yet. Is this website really legit? Have you ordered frequently from them and have you had no other credit card violations/issues?

    • hmm – that’s strange that you didn’t get a confirmation email. I have ordered from the Lifetime Lashes website before and didn’t really have a problem. I would submit the contact form on their website to let them know that you didn’t receive your confirmation email. hth!

  3. I order from Canadian Careprost . com ( not Careprost Canada – avoid) and have had major results, amazing customer service!! I got my order in 2 days & tracking number in less then an hr. My lashes are amazing now. I had very thin short lashes. My doc recommend it to me. 🙂

  4. I bought this on maximumlashes, really good prices and excellent service. Shipping is free if you buy 2 or more

  5. I bought this on maximumlashescom, really good prices and excellent service. Shipping is free if you buy 2 or more

  6. Hey Girls I order Careprost from a Canadian company and have been ordering from them for about 4 years:
    they are called careprost canada. Not any other version as they could be selling fake re-bottled product that can cause eyecolor change! Be careful and only order from an authorized dealer.As far as I am aware the only authorized dealer in North America to sell Careprost is Careprostcanada. My lashes are at least 3 times their natural length and I am getting compliments non-stop! you haaaave to try careprostcanada!!

  7. careprostcanadacom ! Amazing results, same as Latisse!

  8. I was using careprost for two years and was very a happy with the results. It made my lashes thick and long. The only problem was the skin above and below my eyes became very dark. my eyes looked sunken in. I made the decision to stop using it and the side effects went away along with my lashes. Has anyone else had this problem?

  9. I ordered from careprostcanada and my eyelashes are long and thick with absolutely no darkening of the eyelid.

  10. For the past 3 years I have been ordering from careprostcanadacom and i just love the results and their service. I have not had any side effects.It took about 3-4 months to get to the full length and I cannot believe these are my lashes nor can anybody else- I get TONS of compliments and everyone thinks I have fake lashes! You have to be careful when buying Careprost, be sure to buy from a trusted seller – careprostcanada is legit!

  11. hey ladies! I have recently discovered Carelashcanada com, this is Careprost, but repackaged as an eyelash growth serum and not glaucoma medication! this Carelash packaging so so fancy! I can finally give Careprost as a gift and not be embarrassed by the ugly original Carepropst packaging and label for glaucoma treeatment!