Instamix: Sunrise, Lavender Farm and Bright Sunday

Hey everyone! I did a lot of catching up over the weekend and even squeezed in some photo adventure while I was at it, so let’s get started.

photo (12)

Saturday, I met up with my friend, Angela, who’s an amazing HDR photographer in the DMV area at Great Falls around 5am. That was the earliest I’ve ever had to get up for photography, but we wanted to be there before the sun rose and capture some of the colors. The photo above was taken with my iPhone and I was playing around with the HDR app on there. Can’t wait to go through the photos that I took on my 5DMiii and see what I got.

photo (13)

  • Then we both stopped by the Silver Diner in McLean. This was the first time that I’ve been to a Silver Diner and boy, was it not what I had imagined. It’s like a fancier version. They had these salmon sliders that I was eyeing, but it was a little too early for that, so I ordered the banana-filled french toast. Still just as good. I’ll definitely need to come back here and try out the rest of the food on the menu as well as grabbing a milkshake too.
  • After breakfast, I ventured out to a lavender farm about 30 miles south of McLean since I’ve been meaning to go to one for some time. Unfortunately, May and June are the best time to go see the field, so I’ll need to keep in mind for next year.
  • I was still able to cut some fresh lavenders while I was there as well as picking up a lavender rose candle and some dried lavender to use for baking. I can’t wait to try them out and hopefully add the recipe to my food blog, which I recently added a recipe on quinoa black bean veggie burger if anyone’s interested in making some.
  • After the lavender farm, I was thoroughly exhausted but had to meet a client back at McLean. The night before, I picked up the iPad mini since my client requested to see a portfolio of my photography work. I would typically use hub’s old iPad, but unfortunately he sold it a few months ago.

photo (14)
Last Tuesday, I had mentioned that I was attending an event called Blogger Scene, where I was asked to talk about photography. One of the question was do you need an expensive camera to take photos for blogging. My answer was no.

All my instamix posts are taken from my iPhone unless otherwise stated and there are plenty of apps on there that you could use to edit your photos. As you can see from the photo above, you can take decent photos from just about any camera as long as you know composition and lighting. Also with anything, practice makes perfect. I can’t tell you how many photos I’ve taken prior to my business before I felt comfortable taking on clients.

Most of the time, it’s not feasible to lug around my DSLR, so I’m always on my iPhone instagramming away. It also forces me to be more creative and work with what I have everyday, so that those skills can also be applied elsewhere.

Alright, that’s it. I hope you all have a great one!


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