Instamix: LA Foodie Beautycon

Hey everyone!! I’m not sure if I had mentioned earlier last week that I went to LA for Beautycon. I met so many great girls there and thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far. Of course, no trip is complete without some documentation on my foodie adventure, so this post will be just that. Also, I seriously love that the girls I hung out most of the weekend are huge foodie–major plus in my book. =)

I was traveling yesterday, so had no time to put this up. Anyways, let’s get started, shall we?

Friday, met with with Crystal, Janelle and Christen for yummy brunch at 26 Beach. This place was so adorable with its feminine, cottage-y feel decor (more photos on that in later post). I was originally going to order grapefruit juice like most days, but had to go with the watermelon above, which was pretty tasty. Also, who could say no to this very berry french toast combo?

This place was on my list since last foodie trip in LA, which was trying out Milk for this yummy macaron ice cream sandwich. I mean seriously. Janelle and I ordered the red velvet and Christen got the grasshopper–amazing. KL tried some food there, but it was ok, so I wouldn’t recommend going there for food.

After Beautycon Saturday, I was really hyped to go to Boiling Crabs again, but no one wanted to wait the 2hr line to get in. So, Anne yelped the next best thing and we (KL, Christen, Crystal, Janelle and Anne) all headed over to Shrimp Lover, originally known as Boiling Shrimp. This place was pretty darn good; good enough to avoid Boiling Crab’s line and come here instead.

Then of course, we had to finish the night with some dessert, so headed over to Mr. Coffee in Ktown. The funny part of the night was all bloggers/youtubers in the same area trying to instagram their photos and of course, I like taking a ton of angles on my food before posting my fave one. The girls can definitely attest to that. =P

Sunday, KL and I took a mini road trip out to Riverside to visit her relatives and their fruit farm. I was blown away by this red version of dragonfruit, which I wasn’t much of a fan. Now, I am a little obsessed. Just doing a little google, I found out that dragonfruits have high concentration of Vitamin C, which helps boost immune system and high in fiber to improve your digestive health and help you reduce weight. Dragonfruits also contain B vitamins such as B1 for better carbohydrate metabolism, B2 for recovery and improvement of appetite, and B3 for reducing bad cholesterol while improving the skin condition. Not to mention, they are great for the environment since they absorb carbon dioxide at nighttime, and then release oxygen to purify the air.

I think I may just found my next power fruit to add to my daily diet. =D


Also, I had to see my girl from Yayalifestyle and support her newest venture, Kickin Kasian, opening near her boba shop, Bounce. Being the sweetest person ever, she invited a few of us (KL, Anne and Jenny) to have a tasting preview there. Tina completely spoiled us with raw oysters, fried seafood medley and amazing shrimp and mussel marinated in tasty sauce.

I am definitely not biased when I said everything tasted awesome and truly excited to hear great things come opening week. Many congrats girl! I hope after the opening, we can see more of your lovely face on Youtube. =)

Alright, I hope you are all hungry now and ready for lunch after this post. I will have a separate post on Beautycon shortly this week, so be on a lookout for that. Until then, have a great day!


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