Instamix: Chicago Wedding Weekend

Hey everyone! I spent my weekend in Chicago and this time enjoying some warm summer days, although Sunday was a bit chilly. For this trip, I was pretty proud and surprised that I was able to pack light. I fit my clothes, toiletries and shoes into one tote bag and had my carry-on suitcase, which had all my camera gear for a wedding shoot on Saturday. There was no room to fit anything else in that suitcase, which sadly had to leave my laptop at home.

Anyways, I’m typing this up late Sunday night, so going to give you a quick run-down of the weekend.

photo (11)

  • Flew into Chicago Thursday night, picked up my rental which at the time, they were going to give me an SUV. I typically try to avoid driving that especially in a city where you’ll need to parallel park. So they gave me the mini cooper instead. I’ve never driven one before and had to spend a good 10 minutes just locating where all the buttons were. I still don’t know how to pop the trunk open without using the key. If anyone knows, please tell me! =P
  • Hubs place is located right downtown and on the 32nd floor, so we had a very lovely panoramic view of downtown Chicago
  • The main reason for my visit to Chicago this time was for an Indian wedding shoot. Those who have attended Indian weddings know that they are fun but long. I had to be at the event for 3 hrs on Friday shooting the pooja and mendhi. Then Saturday was a 15+ hr wedding day–I was exhausted by the time I was done. This wedding cake was definitely a much-deserved treat to end the night with.
  • Then Sunday, hubs and I had brunch at Birchwood Kitchen in Wicker Park. We wanted to explore the area, because it might be a likely neighborhood to live in if we were to move to Chicago. As of right now, there’s an 80% chance that we may be moving, but not entirely set in stone right now. We will know for sure come Thanksgiving after hubs go through interviews for the month of October. Anyways, brunch was absolutely delish and I know one thing’s for sure about Chicago–there are no shortage of foodie eats there, which I would be very excited to explore more.
  • After walking around the neighborhood, we stopped in at Mindy’s Hot Chocolate for some afternoon treat. My friend took us here last time and we wanted to try out another flavor. This time we ordered the mint hot chocolate with extra homemade marshmallows–so yum.

And that concludes the weekend. I have more photos on instagram that I did not include on here, so feel free to hop on over to check them out. Have a great Monday, everyone!


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