Instamix: Test Kitchen, Philly and Rambutan

Hey everyone! This weekend, I did not take that many pics to share, so I’ll be pulling photos from last week to add into the mix. If you couldn’t tell from my instagram, I have been getting back into the kitchen more testing out recipes that have been on my Pinterest Vegucated list for awhile.

Since hubs moved to Chicago and the place has never been more organized (=P), I wanted to free up some time to try out some veggie recipes. With life, work, blog, youtube and photography sometimes getting in the way, I want to squeeze in time and rediscover my love for cooking more. So this week has been a lot of that starting out with the first pic.

photo (10)

  • I’ve been meaning to try out this Quinoa black bean veggie burger for some time and wasn’t sure what to expect on taste. By the time I was actually done making it at 10:30pm, it became my late dinner. I was actually quite surprised how well it turned out and was simply delish. Recipe to follow soon.
  • Hubs came to visit last Wed and left last Friday, so I wanted to make him dinner for both nights. The first night, I made him some Korean steamed eggs among other things and some of his favorite dishes for his second night.
  • As you know, there are many facets of photography that I haven’t really touched upon and one of them was food. The past few days, I was engrossed in learning the styling, plating, and lighting when it comes to food photography. To test that out, I made this tiramisu while home in Philly for the weekend and wanted to try my hands out on plating. I think the overall result was pretty satisfactory and the tiramisu came out great! Recipe to follow soon.
  • Then my mom bought a whole bunch of fresh rambutans and I must have eaten like 15 of them. These exotic fruits are high in rich carbohydrates, protein, fat, phosphorus, iron, calcium and vitamin C and apparently eating five of them per day can decrease the chance of cancer.

So, I plan to update my food blog a little more often than I have been. Feel free to follow me there for any recipe updates as well. I had to create a new bloglovin account for my food blog, since the last one couldn’t bring in the feed for some reason.

Alright, hope you all have a great Monday!


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  1. Waileng Tan says:

    Ooo… Rambutans are one of my favorite fruits! My late grandma used to have a tree in her back yard. Though I loved the fruit I didn’t like the tree because it attracts plenty of ants.

    • ohh, i want a tree! not necessarily the ants though–lol. those rambutans are so tasty–finished whatever my mom gave me to take home. need to find some more in my area soon =D