Instamix: Pi, Pink Daisies & Steamed Eggs

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend went by way too fast–seriously. Let’s hope this week goes by fast too. =) Anyways, Friday I didn’t do much, but stayed home to catch up on work, so photos below are from Saturday and Sunday.

photo (8)

  • Did my usual workout and came home to juice. I’ve been pretty good at trying to eat healthier stuff and keeping lots of fruits and veggies in the fridge, so I’m not tempted into eating anything bad.
  • Then got ready to head to DC for a surprise going away party at Passengers for Jamie. I’ve only hung out with her a handful of times and found out that she is moving to Kuwait with her hubby end of the month. I wish them both the best of luck and hopefully will see them again in two years.
  • After Passengers, Jamie, Meg and Tammy along with their hubs and I walked over to a pizza place called Pi. I’ve never been, but so glad to have tried it out. I ordered the thin crust pie “Lincoln Park”, which had zucchinis, mozzarella, and feta cheese–so yum.
  • Sunday, did some more grocery shopping and picked up lovely blush pink daisies and tea roses for the coffee table.
  • Also, tried out this Korean steamed egg recipe that a friend told me about–so quick, easy and yum. I can’t wait to make it for hubs when he comes back to MD again. Can’t believe it’s been almost a month now since he’s moved to Chicago. Only 4+ months to go!

photo (9)Earlier this week, I went to my annual haircut and had 4″ taken off–felt so much lighter. I went to Bubbles this time instead of the regular place I go to for the cut and my hair stylist did a great job.

She kept remarking how much she loved my hair and as I was sitting there, I realized that I wanted to grow my hair long again to donate to Locks of Love. I’ve heard plenty about the cause but never actually thought about doing it until now. They do want about 10″ however, which means I would probably have to grow my hair to about waist length if I want to have it cut shoulder-length. We shall see. Has anyone done this and what was your experience? I’d love to know!

Alright, hope you all have a great one! Also, I posted July’s giveaway yesterday for a chance to enter and win $100 gift card to SHOPBOP. If you haven’t entered yet, feel free to go there and do so. Good luck!


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