Instamix: M’saka, Coconut, Bingsoo & Green Tea

Hey everyone! This week will be a very short work week for me–yay! My company gave us Thursday and Friday off for 4th of July, which means I plan to use that time to film some videos finally. Anyways, as for the weekend, it was a rather relaxing one even though I had to work, so let’s get started.


  • Friday, I went to Lebanese Taverna with a few coworkers for lunch and tried the m’saka there. I have a little obsession over hummus and now I think I can add m’saka to the list. Yum-o. The dish had some simple ingredients, which I plan recreate on my own.
  • Saturday, I did my usual workout and was in need of some refreshment. For the past few months, I’ve been trying to look for another brand to replace my favorite one that Hmart no longer stock. I think Goya fits the bill nicely, however at 20 grams of sugar per can even for the unsweetened version, I wouldn’t be drinking this too often. I wish I could find a better alternative–ugh.
  • Then headed out to second shoot with a friend photographer and there was pat bingsoo for dessert at the wedding. Now that’s my kinda wedding. I am also loving weddings that start later in the day–gives me more time to catch up on things or run errands before the shoot.
  • Sunday, had an engagement shoot and while I was over at the bride-to-be’s place, she offered some of these green tea hard candies that she bought at mitsuwa. They were so delicious and definitely on my list to get when I stop in the store again!

Also, Google Reader is shutting down today, so if you are currently reading this blog through that, please head over to bloglovin and follow this blog there. Anyways, hope you all have a happy Monday!


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