Instamix: 4th of July Four Day Weekend

Hey everyone! This was definitely a much-needed 4-day weekend where I was able to get a lot of work done and even tried to catch up on some sleep as well.

photo (2)_1

  1. So Thursday, I met up with Casie to do some outfit shoots and we passed by this lovely “Starry Night” structure made up of 1200 bath fixtures. It was absolutely beautiful and I could’ve stayed there and stared at it all day.  
  2. Then went home and did a 4th of July nail tutorial to go with my outfit for the day.

photo (2)_2Was invited to a BBQ  hosted by the lovely Elle at her place and was bombarded with some amazing food and sweets as well as great company.

photo (2)_3Friday morning, went for some dim sum yum, then went to Ikea afterwards to pick up some overdue items on my wishlist for my DIY project below.  Also picked up some pretty pink tea roses to decorate the table.

photo (5)_helloThis was a DIY item that I’ve been meaning to do when I first saw it on Evelina’s channel recently plus a few other things to help organize the office.  I got the mirror from IKEA which comes in black and white. It was more of a cream color, however, so I picked up a glossy white spray paint to spray the edge then used the chalkboard spray on the glass it came with.

photo (3)

  1. Saturday, filmed some more tutorials before heading over to Linda’s place for some yummy dessert treat, then to a lounge in DC later.  There was a DJ who we heard about a year ago at another location and absolutely love the way he mixes his music as well as his song choices.  Well, I found out that he was spinning at this place and wanted to check him out again. A lounge is only as good as the music for sure, so it was a good night.
  2. Sunday, slept in and watched a few more episodes of Bones before Linda and I went to Frederick to check out an all-you-can-eat crabfest at May’s. Good thing Linda called ahead and got a reservation since we didn’t have to wait long for our table. Our tummies left pretty happy and we were able to catch a beautiful double rainbow after the storm.  Not only that, we were able to see the other end of the rainbow–always in awe with nature.

That’s it. I hope this week goes by quickly because I’m ready for another weekend. =D Have a great Monday!


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