Instamix: Lazy Friday, Catchup Saturday, Doissant Sunday

Hey everyone! So I had another relaxing weekend and caught up on some work as well. More of this and I could really get used to it.

  • Friday, went over to Linda’s place after the gym to catch up on the new episode of Suits. She even had dessert in the freezer ready during commercial breaks and surprisingly, this avocado semiffredo recipe from Rachel Ray was pretty darn good.
  • Saturday, I ran some errands, did some photo work, then wanted to check out a lavendar field farm nearby. Unfortunately the place wasn’t open, so decided to check out a previous coworker’s family bakery near Frederick. I wanted some blueberry pie, but they didn’t have any. Since they were an Indian family, I was able to order some samosas and mango lassi instead–not too shabby.
  • Sunday, met a friend at Chocolate Crust to try out the “doissant” there aka “cronut” to see what all the hype was about. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can get into it. I’d much prefer the original form of croissants.
  • Then for late lunch, I was in a mood for some summer roll, so made some at home. Recipe tutorial to follow later.


Lastly, prepped and posted this Brookside Gardens engagement on blog.

And that’s it. Hubs is visiting this week for three days before going back to Chicago again. Then, I have a summer Friday, so I get to leave at 1pm. Perfect timing–I can head to Philly early for the weekend.

Hope you all have a great Monday!


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