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Choose a Moisturizer That’s Right for Your Skin Type

We all know that not every moisturizer is created equal especially when it comes to our skin types. No matter what your skin type is, it’s without a doubt that a moisturizer is important for your daily skincare routine and yes, even if you have oily skin. But how to pick one out from the […]

Instamix: Test Kitchen, Philly and Rambutan

Hey everyone! This weekend, I did not take that many pics to share, so I’ll be pulling photos from last week to add into the mix. If you couldn’t tell from my instagram, I have been getting back into the kitchen more testing out recipes that have been on my Pinterest Vegucated list for awhile. […]

5 Steps to Your Nighttime Skincare Routine

A nighttime skincare routine is a must if you want to maintain a healthy skin. Your skin goes through repairs at night as you sleep, so it’s important to keep a good regimen. So, here are five steps that I go through every night no matter how tired I am.

Blushing Summer | Lightweight Blazer & Nautical Shorts

Hey everyone! A lightweight blazer is necessary during summer, especially in offices where AC gets cranked high or cool rainy nights. Also nothing speaks summer to me like some blue striped nautical shorts.

Instamix: Lazy Friday, Catchup Saturday, Doissant Sunday

Hey everyone! So I had another relaxing weekend and caught up on some work as well. More of this and I could really get used to it.

Cancun Day 4 Beachy Night: Rosette Appliqué & Satin Maxi

Happy Friday everyone & holy heatwave! I’m not sure if west coast is getting the same temps, but it’s been high 90’s and some days over 100 degrees over here. Reminds me of Cancun weather and the beach sounds good right about now. For night, I wanted something breezy to walk the breach with hubs, […]

4 Easy Ways to Save Your Skin Now

So you may be thinking that you’re still young enough to not worry about your skin. However, it is better to protect your skin now before any signs of aging occurs. Because when you signs of fine lines on your skin, the effects are irreversible. Here are four ways below that you can start saving […]

Cancun Day 4 – Summer White

Hey all! Now for the last day in Cancun, we just wanted to do absolutely nothing, but chill at the resort. I even got caught up with some photo work while I was at the pool–an ideal working environment if you ask me. So for my outfit, I kept it pretty simple with this shift […]