Instamix: Viet Wedding, ColorMeRad Philly, and Man of Steel

Hey all! If you follow me on instagram, you may know that I was in Philly for the weekend. Always great to visit home whenever I can; however, one of my sisters wasn’t able to make it this time due to personal reasons, so I didn’t get to see my nephew this trip — bummer.

photo (21)
photo (22)photo (23)

Anyways, so…

  • Friday, posted a traditional Vietnamese wedding and this was one of my favorite shot. Although these types of weddings are pretty long, the couple was too cute for words.
  • Then after work, I packed up and drove to Philly for the weekend to get ready for a ColorMeRad 5K run — part of the proceeds go into helping out the Special Olympics of Philadelphia. This was the first time I did the run and although I originally thought I was going to “walk” it, I actually ran quite a bit of it with the occasional rest stops. Overall, a fun event for those who haven’t done one yet, I’d recommend participating in one near you.
  • Drove back to MD just in time to catch the 7pm Man of Steel movie with hubs. He’s such a movie buff and always likes to watch movies on opening night. However, since we tend to have different schedules, he would typically go to the movies by himself and I always miss out. This time, he promised to take me to watch Superman and waited till I got back from Philly.Being a Superman fan, I had hoped the movie was great, but I found the storyline rushed and too much action fluff to really make it a great movie. Did anyone watch it and what did you think of it?

Anyways, I hope you all have a great one!


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  1. Waileng Tan says:

    11.50 for a movie ticket? By the way, is it after tax or before? Sorry, I live in Malaysia and movie tickets here are priced between 10-16 Malaysian Ringgit (3.20-5.10USD) inclusive of tax for a ticket. And I thought our movie tickets here are expensive! Thanks for sharing that pic, or else I wouldn’t have know.

    • lol – yes that is for one movie ticket. I think that’s before tax, but not sure – hubs bought the tix. wow, I should definitely to go to the movies if I am ever in Malaysia. =D btw, I hear there’s a big population of TC there. my kinda peeps =D