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Hey everyone!! I am back from LA after attending 1st-ever Generation Beauty event and had a blast — met and hung out with some amazing folks. I didn’t know what to expect from the event, but I definitely walked in with an open mind and went with the flow.

Anyways, I’ll post more details in another entry, but wanted to do a weekend update for the week and what better way than to showcase some of the foodie places to hit up if you’re ever in LA as seen on instagram. I apologize in advance for the incoherency throughout the post as I was prepping this entry right after I got back from LA late yesterday night. Anyways, let’s get started, shall we?

IMG_8053 To start, I have never seen these purple floral trees before and they were absolutely stunning in person. Anyone know the name of them? I wonder if they bloom all year round, because I don’t remember seeing them last June when I was in LA.

IMG_8056First meal there, I headed over to Blackbird Cafe as recommended by my friend who recently moved to the Long Beach area. Delicious eggs benedict over a flower bed of spinach for brunch.

IMG_8059Had some time to kill before my next meal, so walked around Koreantown area. Of course, had to get the palm trees pic of LA while I was there. =)

IMG_8068Then it was time to get down and dirty and dig into these yummy seafood goodness at the Boiling Crab. Ever since I saw pics of these from plenty of friends’ instagrams last year, I was dyyyyyying to try it. This was definitely high on the list of to-dos and I got to hang out with fellow YT friend, YaYa from YaYaLifestyle. Finally got to meet up after several years of knowing this girl and so adorable in person! I can’t wait for the next time we meet again, girly! =D

IMG_8081 Next, Kelly jogged my memory while I was at Boiling Crab to stop by Bottega Louie for some yummy macaron. I had to get grand macaron this time to try — looked almost too pretty to eat – almost. =P

IMG_8086 Then went over to the event to register early before meeting up with friends who I haven’t met in person yet, Janelle who makes amazing nail tutorials, her friend Serena and Crystal, an LA fashion blogger, near Sawtell blvd. We went for some sushi before stopping by Blockheads for shave snow dessert. This place was too crazy on a Friday night, because the wait for it was nearly 30 mins or so. If you want to try out this yummy dessert, be sure to go during off-peak times or expect a ridiculous wait.

IMG_8090 Met up with friend, Anne from BeautyBitten, Janelle and Serena for brunch before heading over to day one of Gen Beauty event. Anne is a fashion blogger and youtuber as well as a huge foodie, so she recommended going to Pete’s Cafe. I guess I was on an eggs benedict kick, because I ordered it again, but this time with Lox.

IMG_8107 After the event, Janelle, Serena and I headed over to Little Tokyo to try out some shabu shabu there. However, the place only served meat and no seafood, so I couldn’t really eat there. We decided to go to Daikokuya for ramen. We apparently chose well, because the wait for this place was also pretty long. These people mean serious business when it comes to their ramen.

However, the broth itself was infused with beef bones and they didn’t have any other vegetarian options, so I just went with the tempura bowl – LOL. The ramen, however, was delicious according to Janelle and Serena, so they highly recommend this place. =)


Day two of Gen Beauty, found this vintage looking camera and had to take a pic. =P

IMG_8150 Lastly, met up with my friend for dinner, Han, a recent fashion blogger so please check her out. She recommended this awesome seafood tapas place called Son of a Gun. This was place, although a little pricey, was absolutely delicious — every small plate came out to perfection and was just the perfect amount to really enjoy the dish. I would definitely come back here again.

Whew and that mostly encompassed my food splurging for the weekend. I cannot wait to head to the gym to shed some of the yummy-ness the past four days. Now, it’s back to the daily grind. I hope you all have a great Tuesday!


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