Instamix: 5 Year Anniversary in Cancun

Hey everyone!! Wow, what a weekend. When hubs and I booked our anniversary trip to Cancun, we didn’t expect to have such a great time here. I am almost wishing we could stay for a few more days, but it’s back to reality starting today.

Anyways, this post is pretty photo-heavy, so I will be flying by quickly to update the weekend. There’ll be another post probably to include more photos from the trip, so let’s get started.

Thursday, we traveled business class early morning to cancun on a three-hour flight. Anymore than 3-hrs, hubs would’ve not considered going at all. I brought my Missoni by Tar-jay head rest, which kinda compliment my striped maxi. =)

Then it was time to check into our hotel at J.W. Marriott Cancun resort and also headed straight to the pool after we dropped off our luggages.
My view under a shaded pool area — absolutely beautiful. The water was also pretty nice and warm — much to my liking.
We were a little skeptical in trying out the food, since we’re not sure if our stomachs would handle it. Fortunately, we have not gotten sick and the food there at the hotel was absolutely delish.
Then Friday was our offical anniversary date (6/21). Since I am a summer baby, it was fitting to have our wedding date on the summer solstice. If you haven’t checked out our anniversary session, feel free to head over to post after.
We spent our anniversary day touring one of the Seven Wonders of the World (Chichen Itza). So far, we visited 3 out of the 7 Wonders of the World — the first two being the Great Wall and the Colosseum. The next one will probably be either Christ Redeemer Rio de Janeiro or Machu Picchu of Peru or hit both at the same time while we’re there.
Saturday, we decided to explore Cancun’s shopping area and stopped by one of the malls. We passed by this spa place area that had these fish spa for your feet. I’ve seen one of them before, but never tried, so when in Rome or in this case, Cancun. I am most ticklish everywhere and of course the feet is no exception. This was such a fun, but very ticklish experience. However, our feet was definitely nicely exfoliated and smooth. I’d recommend it for sure if you ever see one in your area. =)
Then decided to share a little malt shake between the two. There was a Johnny Rocket there of all places and we tried out the strawberry oreo malt shake — so yummy and well-needed after walking around in the hot humidity.
Sunday, we got up and head over to the fitness center which conveniently was located on the same floor as our hotel room — no excuse whatsoever to squeeze in a workout. We also got some detoxing smoothie, which was absolutely necessary after all the food we ate during the trip. =P
Then I needed to really catch up on photo work, so decided to lug my laptop over to the poolside and have a little lunch as I work. This was something I could definitely get used to. =)
I only brought a few of my favorite accessories for the whole trip, since I didn’t want to risk anything and call attention to ourselves. It was nice to have just a few simple items that I love. Especially when it comes to 95 degree weather in Cancun, less is more.
We tried out one of the restaurants at the hotel and just ordered small appetizers, since we wanted to eat light. In the center of the restaurant, there was a huge candlight display that definitely added the romantic ambiance to the room.
And after dinner, I was surprised by a red rose from the waiter while hubs got the check — how very nice and sweet. =P

Also, how convenient that Instagram updated their app to include video. I definitely wanted to capture the last look of Cancun’s beachy horizon.

Well, that’s it! I am not ready to be back later tonight, but I guess a vaca is not forever. At this time, we’re getting ready to hop on a plane back to MD. Then it’s back to work for me Tuesday and hubs fly to Chicago to live there for five months – oy. I definitely hope these next five months fly back quickly!

Anyways, hope you all have a great Monday!


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