Grecian: Asymmetrical Drapes & Printed Pants

Hey everyone! So, apparently I am the only person in the world who haven’t caught the Game of Thrones bug and don’t really care to watch the show. **ducks** However, that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the one episode that I watched briefly with hubs and saw this hairstyle below on Khaleesi. When I was looking for a top to film the hair tutorial, this one below jumped out at me, especially with the asymmetrical draping off of one shoulder, so I decided to make an outfit post out of it as well.

I felt really Grecian wearing it but added some printed pants to the mix to bring it back to modern times. And to think, I was this close to selling the top on Poshmark, since I never got around to wearing it after purchasing the top last February. Yes, I really need to evaluate every purchase I make before ordering anything. Lesson learned.



Speaking of purchases, this bag has been on my wishlist for some time and finally pulled the trigger recently. I took it out for the first time in LA, but with the rush of packing, I didn’t get a chance to protect the bag with leather protectant spray. So, being slightly clumsy, a small droplet of black milk tea got on the front of the bag and as you can guess it, my heart dropped a bit. I did some research to see if I could remove it myself and of course, the spot got worse (wish I had a pic of the before!).

As soon as I got back, I was researching for a nearby leather shop to help and called this place in Vienna. The guy I talked to wasn’t quite sure on removing the stain, but told me that I could bring the bag in for him to check, which I did Friday. Long story short, the guy at the counter looked at the bag and said no, nothing he could do to help. I must have looked really distraught, because he then checked the bag again, went to this area, pulled out a white thingamajig and wiped on the stain. And like magic, the stain started to disappear!! He went back behind the store to do some cleaning and conditioning and came back with the bag looking like new again. I breathed a sigh of relief, paid him $10 and left really happy, but not without him saying that I was lucky that the stained came out. Yes, definitely lucky. Have you girls experience something like this? What have you done to protect your bags before taking them out? I’d love to know!

Outfit: Romwe top (old) // Forever 21 leopard pants (recent) // Proenza Schouler PS1 bag // Steve Madden heels (old) // David Yurman cuff bracelet // DKNY watch c/o Watchco // Amrita Singh cuff // Maya Brenner necklace

I hope you all enjoyed this and if you like to see how I created Khaleesi casual braids shown above, be sure to check back on the blog for the tutorial posting tomorrow. Have a great one!


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  1. Waileng Tan says:

    Don’t worry. You are not the only person who do not watch Game of Thrones. Neither do I. Actually I fell asleep when watching one of the episodes. (^_^)

  2. Jens Ken Lundstrom says:

    wow!I love this lookl!
    and toure so cute!
    The hairstyle is amazing!

  3. isa machado says:

    You look amazing dear! Love your pants! 😉


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