First Ever Generation Beauty by Ipsy

Happy rainy Friday and also the start of my “summer Friday”, which means I get to leave today at 1pm – woo hoo! That’s just one of the many perks of working at my company. However, I will be using that time to do some major photo work catch-up and cleaning at home.  Yes, I know — I party hard on my half-days off. =P

Anywho, so as you know, I was in LA last weekend (check out my LA foodie pics) for the first ever Generation Beauty hosted by Ipsy, a company founded by Michelle Phan. It was a two-day event filled with little seminars scattered throughout the area and a main stage for overall topics.  Then some of the big youtubers have meetups scheduled where you could meet and chat. I was able to meet some awesome ladies there as well as a few viewers that I was shocked to bump into. Sometimes, I never know who watches my videos, so it was great to meet some unexpectedly.

Also at the end of each day, you get these coupon-like page that you can tear off and hand over to each vendor for some freebies at “happy hour”.  I gave away most to my friend who let me stay at her place at Long Beach while she was back home in SF – super sweet of her to do so!

I grabbed a few photos below, but really didn’t take too many, so there are a few scattered iPhone photos as well below.

banner_lalivePhoto courtesy of GenBeauty








I was definitely interested in looking at the video setup — K.L. was able to film a sample there.

Michelle Phan talking about video production.

I definitely have to give Michelle credit for really wanting a place to share thoughts and building a community among women.   You can definitely see that she puts a lot of time, energy and care into her whatever her endeavors may be.   I know there have been plenty of mistakes down the road in any kind of venture, which is a risk that we all take, but those mistakes are what we need to make in order to strengthen and grow us.  Without mistakes, we would not be who we are today.  Michelle is a prime example of that.  She may not be perfect, but she continues to grow and learn everyday.  It’s definitely pretty awesome to see who she has become from when I first followed her back in Xanga days.


Got to meet this sweet”heart” in person.

Got to meet Judy who is such a doll!  I didn’t realize that Ben is a huge foodie and Juliana could not be any cuter!


Was excited to meet Promise — she makes amazing transformation videos online.  I am always in absolute awe over each one.  Funny thing is, the first time I went up waiting to say hi to her since she was already talking to another viewer.  That viewer turned to me and pointed that I was the one she was talking about.   I was awkwardly surprised to hear that she was talking about me to Promise right when I wanted to say hi to her.   LOL — too funny.

Hung out most of the time with these fabulous ladies: Anne, Janelle, K.L and Serena
My kindred spirit — K.L. at Benefit’s photo booth.

I had such a great time with these ladies and cannot wait to meet up again hopefully in a few months!  Being the very first conference, I can definitely see Gen Beauty growing into something worthwhile.

I know I don’t make many videos given the amount of time I have, but after attending the conference, I definitely have a renewed sense of energy to film more.  So, I carved out some time this Sunday to do just that — can’t wait to get that up by next week possibly.  Hopefully I will be ok after a wedding shoot Saturday.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


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  1. I used to follow Michelle Phan on xanga too! & What a great experience! 😀 Wonder if they’ll ever do something similar on the East coast..


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