Game Of Thrones: Khaleesi/Princess Daenerys Casual Braid Tutorial

Hey everyone! As promised, here’s the tutorial on how to do Khaleesi’s casual braids as shown in this grecian-inspired outfit. As for the hair, although it took me about three tries to get it to where the braids looked decent enough, I know with more practice that my next three more tries would be perfect.

I get questions all the time on how I do hair tutorials on my own hair, and really, it all comes down to practice. The more you practice, the better you’ll get and that, of course, applies to everything else in life as well.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you have a hairstyle in mind that you’d like me to recreate, feel free to post a photo on my fb page. Also, if you haven’t entered into ghd candy styler giveaway going on currently this month, feel free to do so now! Have a great day everyone! =D


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  1. Jens Ken Lundstrom says:

    I love this hairstyle!so beautiful!
    Thank you for the video!

  2. hautelacquer says:

    This is so gorgeous!!

  3. thank you! let me know if you do. =D