Instamix: Danielle-Nicole Cusp Launch and Matching Bling

Hey everyone!! Oy- another busy weekend as if you couldn’t tell by the title. Funny enough, I am typing this post on my iPhone while watching Bones (new-to-me latest obsession) as my laptop is being backed up in the other room.

I’m actually surprised it’s quite easy using the wordpress app for the phone. Oh – technology – I love you. Ok, let’s get started with the updates.


  • Friday, headed down to Danielle-Nicole’s launch at Cusp in Georgetown as mentioned in my last post. As soon as I was there to admire the new collection, I immediately veered towards the Rocco clutch – love. Comes in beautiful shades of red, black and this taupe color. It’s sold out online, but definitely head over to your nearest Cusp store to find one!
  • Got a pretty brooch & this vibrant color-blocking wristlet thanks to Cusp & Danielle. Then stopped by my fave Gtown spot – Serendipity 3 – for some yummy frozen hot chocolate to help with the 80 degree temps.
  • Then stopped by and picked up some umbrellas at Tar-Jay in prep for Saturday’s wedding. The rain was in & out in random bursts, but thank goodness that the portrait session was done before the sky opened up.
  • Sunday, woke up early for a baby shoot, then stopped by Tysons II to pick up my matching bling to my ring purchased at the same time – couldn’t help it. 😛 They had to order the pendant in and shortened the chain for me by adding a jumper.
  • Stopped by Paul’s there for a mini cappuccino & macaron break before heading to e-session in Gtown. Although the huge macaron was tasty, it was too much of a cake-like consistency for me to love it. Have yet to try their regular-sized macaron but next on list.

And that’s it! Don’t forget to enter the BuDhaGirl giveaway if you haven’t done so yet. I hope you all have a great Monday.


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