Blog Tip Thursday: To Excerpt or Not to Excerpt

blogtipthursHey everyone! I have another blogging tip post for you. I guess I’ll be sprinkling these in randomly as I think of them, but hopefully this will help you on your blogging journey.

I’d have to say, even before this fashion/beauty blog, I had been blogging personally on xanga (those were the days) and then during my wedding planning — haven’t looked back on those for years. Even with this blog, I had much to learn and looking back even now, especially on really old popular posts, I cringe at the photos that I never took the time to properly take. I may do another post on quick tips on photography and editing — let me know if that’s something that will interest you. =)

Anyways, I’ve seen this question come up off and on and that would be whether or not to excerpt blog posts or display the whole post. Personally, I like to excerpt them, if you couldn’t tell, and here are my reasons why:

  • One: Increase loading time (a huge one). How many times have you gone to a blog and have to wait several minutes or more for photos to finish loading before you can even read the entry? I have done that on numerous occasions and wound up exiting out — a shame. I’d say I have enough patience for one person, but if I am browsing through blogs quickly during lunch on my phone, I have little. Especially when I’m at places with slooooow to little connections – forget it.
  • Two: You can include several posts (up to 10, I believe) on the same page for better reading experience. This allows new visitors to browse the content on your blog and pick the ones that interest them most. The more posts you have displayed on your page, the more likely your readers will browse around to read more.
  • Three: Eliminate duplicate content. Search engines aka Google penalize sites with duplicate content. If the same content is repeated two-times at different places on the same blog, then it results in duplicate content — you may have duplicate content without even knowing it. It’s just how Google index your pages. Using “post excerpts” is the best method to overcome this problem.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions. Also, I’ll be heading to DC co-hosting a Poshmark Party at Lost Society tonight — hope to see some of you there! =)


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  1. This is really interesting! I guess it’s more of a personal preference? If I discover a new blog I like to scroll through the posts one after another instead of having to click to another page for the full post (if that makes sense..)

    I would love to see how you do the photography and editing for your blog! I’ve been wondering about it 😀

    Oh xanga…that was a long time ago lol

    • oh yes def! I’m sure this would be a continuous debate. I like to see my posts in a clean format. great! will put that on schedule — need to find time to slot the “photography” post in =)

  2. Haha I used to be ALLL over xanga too… those WERE the days. I actually recently went back and searched if my old xanga existed but either I forgot my username or I was deleted! I would love to see photography tips from you! And here’s a newbie question for you… what does “excerpt” mean in the blogging world? Thanks!!

    • loll – i still have my xanga — haven’t logged into it in so long. Excerpt means a summary of your post. If you go to my blog’s homepage, you can see that I have one image and a little summary under each image for each post. If you want to see the post, you would click on “continue reading” for more. This helps to keep your page looking clean and easy to navigate. =)