Product Review: Talika & RapidLash Lash Serums

Hey everyone! Since my review on MaximumLash serums a few years ago, it looks like the company had discontinued the product — bummer. So I have been on a hunt for a new one for some time. I tried using Rapidlash the first time around and didn’t like it that much. It could’ve been that my lashes were going into a transitional phase between products, but I stopped using it after a few weeks.


Next, I decided to test out Talika lash serum that I’ve been hearing about. As you can see from the first pic below, it worked okay, but not as well as I had hoped when using Maximumlash. And this was after using Talika for at least four months — saw some growth, but not by much.
So, I decided to go back to Rapidlash once more and since I still had leftover tube of Talika, I decided to use both of them simultaneously. I felt I didn’t give Rapidlash the fighting chance the first time around.

So far, I am loving the results. Each night, I apply Rapidlash to my lash line like an eyeliner and then use Talika mascara-like brush to condition my lashes. The photo below was after a little over a month of use, but even after the first week, I definitely noticed length growth. Not so much thickness, but I am ok with that.

Both lash photos have one coat of my still current favorite mascara, Lioele’s Blooming & Volume Mascara.

Also, the best thing about both products is that they both don’t stain your eyelids — a huge plus compared to Maximumlash. I haven’t noticed any eye color change, but since I have dark brown eyes, it was irrelevant to me.

I have read that there were some folks who have used each product independently and received great results. I, for one, find using both worked for me, so the choice is up to you. I was able to find Talika as well as Rapidlash at a good prices on Amazon. Also, sometimes, you can find Rapidlash on Hautelook as well.

I hope this review was helpful and let me know if you have any questions! Have a great one!


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