Instamix: Stormy Friday, Garden Wedding & B-more Engagement

Hey everyone and happy Earth day!! I’ve always been willing to help out the environment whenever and wherever I can – from recycling anything and everything to reusing containers to reducing waste such as bringing your own mug instead of using a Starbucks coffee cup. Since we currently have one planet to live on, shouldn’t we do our part to protect it? Just my two cents for this morning. =)

Anyways, although it was a busy weekend, I felt I still had enough time to myself to catch up on errands before the day started. It was a bit too chilly for my taste but I’ll take temps in the 60’s vs 30’s any day. Of course, I prefer 80’s & 90’s being a summer baby. ^_^

photo (15)

  • Friday, couldn’t help picking up some pretty tulips for the coffee table and since the weather called for a stormy night, decided to stay in and made some butterbeer (recipe here). Ever since I learned how to make it, I’ve been making it non-stop — so dangerous.

    Also ordered food from grub hub, which was my first time ordering from there and I must say, that was easy. I may do that more often given the number of choice restaurants listed on there.

  • Saturday, went to the gym and organized the place a little bit before heading out to a garden wedding shoot later in the afternoon. I was a little surprised to meet a reader/viewer (hi Jane!) during the ceremony. Jane came up to me and said that she reads my blog and I assumed that she meant my photoblog – silly me. It wasn’t until reception time did we clarify that it was this blog. That was fun and wish we had more time to chat!

photo (16)

  • Sunday, started the day with a lunch filled with my favorite viet food items before heading to the gym.
  • Then prepped and headed out to an engagement shoot in Baltimore. I actually never knew that there was a tulip garden, so it was nice that my couple decided to go there for their shoot — so beautiful!
  • After the shoot, I was in the neighborhood and Linda and I decided to head to our fave Korean BBQ place located in Ellicott City — not too far from where we were coming from. So stuffed.

And that ends my weekend. I hope you all enjoyed yours! Here’s to a fast Monday. =)


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  1. Oh yay for bringing your on cup to get coffee at Starbucks. I got one at home and one at work and I love using them every time.
    Lovely photos Mel!