Instamix: Poshmark, BuDhaGirl, and CT trip

Hey everyone! I didn’t take much pics (or rather more pics than usual) from the weekend, since it was a pretty busy one, so this should be a quick update for you.
photo (17)

  • Had a lovely time co-hosting Poshmark party last week — photos here if you haven’t checked them out yet on Friday.
  • Also received something fun in the mail today from BuDhaGirl. Can’t wait to show you soon, but how cute is the packaging?
  • Then headed to CT to celebrate my nephew’s 3rd birthday. Each year, my sisters go all out for his bday — first year was Mickey Mouse, second year was Sesame Street and this year was Bob, the builder (photos to come later). Although there were so much work that went into the party, it was always great to see all the creativity come together for the event. And as long as he enjoys each party, it was all worth it.

Also, apologies if some of you weren’t able to access the last T.J. Maxx post — it was up earlier than expected. Dates were changed on me and I forgot to change the scheduled date – oops. Stay tuned for that post coming Thursday!

Alright, I hope you all have a great Monday (a rainy one for us DMV-ers and I already wish the day was over =P).


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