Instamix: Florals, Fashion Shoot, & Easter Sunday

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Hey everyone! I can’t believe it’s April already and of course, marks the day for April Fool’s tricksters. Definitely not my favorite day, since I don’t like being tricked. =P However, the clever Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere pulled a funny one on her post — check it out if you haven’t done so already. ;P

Anyways, I don’t know about you, but this weekend flew for me, so let me just jump right in.

  • Friday, picked up some spring flowers to spruce up the home. I have been getting good at making it a point to pick up fresh flowers every so often. They are the quickest pick-me-ups and add such color to any table. It was also perfect timing, since I had cleaners come in to give the home a nice quarterly deep cleaning. Unfortunately, they didn’t speak English very well, but Google Translate came to the rescue and made it easy to communicate with them in Portuguese. Even learned how to say “thank you” that day too. =)
  • Posted a fashion shoot with Cheralee. If you haven’t seen it yet, feel free to check it out. Also, my second fave necklace from Stella & Dot got delivered. Then headed home to prep for a wedding next day before hubs and I went to our fave sushi place nearby for dinner.
  • Got up early to do a quick outfit shoot with hubs and then headed out to a wedding Saturday. I always get so exhausted after a wedding shoot, but it was fun nonetheless.
  • Turned off my alarm Sunday and tried to sleep in to rest up. Then hubs and I decided to stop by our fave Canto restaurant nearby for some Asian eats for our Easter Sunday lunch — delish. Was going to go to the gym, but forgot it closed early for Easter, so came home and got caught up with some photo work instead.

And that’s my weekend. Hope you all had a great Easter weekend and survived food coma with the family. Now, back to the daily grind, so here’s to a quick Monday!


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