Garden Party: Vintage Willis & Floral Dress

Hey everyone! As you know, cherry blossoms bloomed late this year, so we got a handful of them this weekend. I thought it was fitting to break out this floral dress for the occasion.

Also, I’ve been eyeing the Coach Willis bag as seen on Blair off and on for a few months now and this past week, I happened upon this vintage one on Etsy. I just love the relaxed leather and worn look of the bag, which definitely gives the bag some character. I remember Jean giving a thorough review on vintage Coach items about a month or so ago and wondered if there were any lying around. I did a quick search before I happened upon this vintage Willis on Etsy and listed at a good price, so I figured why not.

Believe it or not, I don’t own any Coach items — was never a real fan of the brand and typically stay away from logo patterned items. However, lately, there have been some items from Coach that caught my eye such as the Legacy Willis even or the Legacy Mini Tanner crossbody I saw in the store last week — love the bright color and the design reminds me a little of the Celine nano, but a little bigger version.

868A9116_floral_dress_vintage_coach_willis 868A9149_vintage_coach_willis 868A9150_jcrew_necklace 868A9156_cherry_blossoms 868A9157_cherry_blossom
Outfit: Forever 21 dress // Vintage Coach Willis bag via Etsy // Chloe sandals similar // Dior Volute 2 sunnies // J. Crew necklace // BCBG bracelets // Michael Kors Lexington watch // photos taken by: Casie

Can’t get enough of the sakuras aka cherry blossoms. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post and have a great Wednesday, everyone!


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  1. Aww your dress is soo pretty and the handbag ,shoes ,accesories all look perfect

  2. Oo love the bracelets! And the cherry blossoms look so pretty. I really need to find time to see them in person.