Coming Up Roses – Layered Leather & Printed Jeans

Hey all! So, obviously Mother Nature decided to skip Spring and head straight to Summer with major warm temps almost close to 80 degrees this week — not complaining in the least bit! I’m a Summer baby through and through, so this is my kinda weather for sure.

Although I do wish the cherry blossoms will bloom already — was disappointed that the news keep pushing the peak days later and later. Instead, I guess I’ll just live with having roses on my jeans to lift my spirit up. =) See here for another outfit pairing with floral printed pants.

Also, if you have been following my instagram since last Fall, you’ll know that I have been eyeing this BCBG layered leather jacket for quite some time. However, the price was just not right at the time and I patiently waited. Thank goodness, my patience won, because there was a major black Friday sale and I got this jacket at a really great price. And since it was still in between temps, I was able to break it out for the weekend.

868A8860_bcbg_layered_leather_jacket 868A8905_mulberry_alexa_plaster_pink_mcqueen 868A8935 868A8936Outfit: BCBG leather jacket // H&M blouse (recent) // Forever 21 rose print jeans // McQueen pumps (black version) // Mullberry Alexa bag (love this creamy pink) // Warby Parker sunnies // Gorjana rings

Hope you all have a great one today. =)


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  1. i love the floral jeans! Very nice outfit!

  2. hautelacquer says:

    i love this so much!