Product Review: Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream

I’ve heard many great things when it came to argan oil, but for some reason, I tend to stay away from the liquid form. Few months ago, when I saw this Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream on Sephora, I immediately added to cart and couldn’t wait to try it at home. Not only is this cream used for moisturizing lips and dry areas like elbows and knees, it is also a multifunctional item for just about anything, hence the name “infinity”.


(image credit: Sephora)

Price: $28

Few things that I have used this cream for:

  • Replaced my lip balms and have been using it for moisturizing my lips day and night
  • Great for during winter time when my elbows and knees get dry
  • Smooth out hair fly-aways or keep eyebrows in place
  • Applied to fingertips and toes to hydrate and soften cuticles
  • Tried it as a face moisturizer for winter

Other uses that were listed included:

  • Over lip stain for a silky finish
  • To hydrate dry, swollen undereye areas
  • To quench skin post-sunburn
  • Apply before or after using cheek stain to improve blendability
  • Mix with powder eye shadow or pigment to transform into a cream
  • Tap and smooth to hydrate the delicate skin under the eyes or revive concealer

Overall, I have been enjoying this product and only a tiny dab of it was more than enough to hydrate. I’ve been using it for a few months and I still have a lot left over, so for the price, it’s definitely worth it. The only thing I had to complain was that the oil does tend to separate from the cream, so massaging the tube prior to use help to distribute the oil again. I hope you girls enjoyed this review.

Curious: have you girls used this and what have you used it for that wasn’t included amongst the list above?

I’d love to know! Also, just got word that Google Reader is being shut down effectively July 1st, so if you are currently reading my blog through there, please be sure to follow via bloglovin for new posts. Alright, hope you all have a great one!


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  1. I’ve been weary of trying argan oil because of my acne prone skin. This cream version sounds like it could be a potential life saver when allergy season comes around!

    • lmk how it works for you! =)

      • Sure thing! Hopefully I won’t need it but chances aren’t in my favor lol
        & I just wanted to make sure, did you get my email for being a giveaway winner? (I’m lavlilacs.) Others that I’ve emailed recently say my messages go to their Junk/Spam box :T

  2. need to add this to my shopping list… i used argan oil when i was preggers and loved it but the application got really messy. this is something i’d def have in my purse all the time.

  3. Ooh this cream sounds really interesting. There are a few out there that are similar that cater to everything we might need 🙂 I always think it’s good to have a multitasking product. And Josie Maran! Awesome!