Instamix: Warby Parker, T.J. Maxx & New Macaron Discovery

Hey everyone! If you follow me on instagram, you would know that I have been updating like crazy due to an awesome opportunity that I was able to participate. More info on that later this week. In meantime, let’s get on with the updates below.
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  • As you know, I have been a recent Warby Parker fan, especially with companies who love to give back (for every pair you buy, they give a pair to someone in need). I’ve showcase my sunnies from them plenty of times like here, here, here, here and finally here. As you can see, I absolutely love my sunnies from them.

    So, I’ve been wanting to get a pair of eyewear from them as well, but just couldn’t decide on the right one. Warby Parker has a program where they will send you 5 to try-on at home for 5 days and ordering online is pretty painless as well. Well, believe it or not, this was my third try-on in little over a month, but I finally made a decision and placed my order over the weekend. I can’t wait to get them soon! Thanks for those who voted on instagram as well — definitely helped confirmed my decision. =)

  • Also as you can see above, I have been on a hunt for few items from T.J. Maxx the past few days. Seriously have found some amazing designer items at pretty great deals. Cannot wait to show you later this week.
  • One of the items that I am most excited about is a mini dress form that definitely came home with me. The find came at a great time since I’ve been looking for something to replace a broken jewelry holder and this one fit the bill nicely.
  • Then my dear blogger friend, Casie introduced me to a new favorite macaron place right near her called Tout de Sweet before we headed to DC to another T.J. Maxx location. The macarons were absolutely ah-mazing. Laduree still holds a special place in my heart, but considering that there is not one close to me, Tout de Sweet is definitely a very close second best. I literally ate the entire 25 macarons in two days — too much? Good thing I went to the gym to burn off some calories to make up for it. =)
  • Lastly, I’ve been craving some dim sum lately, so dragged hubby to my favorite location.

And that’s it for updates. In other news, I posted an outfit yesterday that you can check out and if you haven’t check out my Stella and Dot leopard scarf givewaway ending Mar. 23rd, be sure to enter if you haven’t done so already. Alright, I hope you all have an awesome Monday!


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  1. Can’t wait to see what you picked up from TJMaxx. I never seem to have much luck at the locations I’ve been to (or maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough xD)