Instamix: New Jewelry Display, Organization, Western Light & more

Hey everyone! I felt as if this past week and even the weekend was so productive for me. I checked off things that I wanted to get done for my photog business (have to thank my sister for that) and also did a huge organization overhaul at home. When my place is more-organized, my mind feels less cluttered and I can concentrate better. Do you girls feel the same way or is that just me?

Anyways, let me go ahead and run through the updates quickly. I noticed that I can babble on if not kept in check. =P

photo (3)

  • Added two new things to display my jewelry, so it’s easier to see and accessorize.
  • Had a very productive weekend organizing my place. Even organized the dresser drawers differently – now I can see my sweaters easily to get dressed in mornings. I organized hubby’s drawers as well and showed him when he got back from Chicago. Although, he wasn’t nearly as excited as I was. =P
  • Am determined to keep these orchids alive – third time’s the charm?
  • Finally got around to hanging up this sunburst mirror after six months living in a box.
  • When I saw the new Chanel’s Hong Kong collection – Western Light had me at hello. It’s a deep chocolate color with purple reflects – absolutely beautiful under sunlight.
  • Then ended the night with a nice plate of bon chon with Linda, hubby and his classmate – yum-o

That’s it! I also want to thank everyone who entered into my Blog Re-Launch Giveaway! I hope to finalize winners within two weeks and announce on my fb page, so please follow if you haven’t done so yet, to be updated when that happens. If you didn’t get a chance to enter, no worries. I am sure there’ll be more giveaways to come. =)

Alright, I’m hoping today will go by fast. Hope you all have a great Monday!


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