Instamix: Favorite drinks, Two-toned, Nomaterra & Catchups

Hello all and Happy Monday!
  1. For the past 5 months, this has been my go-to tea, Tazo Rest. Not surprising since I’m a sucker for anything rose and this tea has rose petals in it. Never thought I would like drinking it so much.
  2. Grabbed hot pot and butterbeer with Linda before she left for her trip to Costa Rica. I must say I am a little jealous that I didn’t go – I’m sure she is not missing this east coast weather at all.
  3. Two new arm candy decorated my arm recently. I am usually not a fan of Anne Klein watches, but this one caught my eye with the multi-chain and slight two-toned color. Matches nicely with my two-toned cuff. =)
  4. Absolutely love helping out with companies that have a great cause – read more here. Although January campaign is over, the company continues to donate 20% of proceeds to stop human trafficking – awesome.
  5. Lara from theGlossarie invited to a Fragrance Party Launch by Nomaterra held at Tabula Rasa – the perfect space for hosting these events. I was able to meet the two creators, Aggie & Ben, behind the brand and it was amazing hearing how their on-the-go fragrances were born. Long story short, the three Nomaterra fragrances are named after the three cities that Aggie first came to the US and they are Miami, DC and East Hampton. Lots of researches and tests went into making sure that each fragrance’s scent was true to the city. Miami has got to be my fave scent by far.
  6. My recently engaged friend invited me over to her place for some homemade dinner. How did she know I love salmon? It was definitely delish and packed with tons of omega-3 goodness. =)
  7. Then next morning, headed to brunch to see my college friends. We typically try to get together locally every so often and have a big group reunion every year hosted in different cities. I believe this year, we may be hosting the next reunion in DC. It’s always great catching up with friends. =)
  8. And of course, ended the weekend with some hawaiian-flavored wings from wingstop and watching super bowl commercials. Definitely not the best healthy meal to eat, but totally hit the spot. And it’s definitely gym time right after work. As for the game, I wasn’t really rooting for any teams or really cared less, but I am glad that the Ravens won being a DMV resident. =P
Hoped you had a great weekend and hope this week goes by fast for you. =)

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  1. Jamie Panganiban says:

    Are tazo teas sweetened? I hate drinking tea to be honest. I went on this no coffee diet for a month and i only drank those lipton tea bags and i had to add sugar to make it drinkable. I got sick of it and returned to coffee.

  2. they are not – i actually don’t like to add sugar to my tea. =)