Instamix: Vday, Chicago Winter & Foodie Adventure

Hey everyone! Boy, am I glad to be back in the DMV area. Although we may have brought back Chicago winter when we landed, because it was in the 20’s here – brr!! Anyways, I have alot to cover, so going to jump right into the updates.


  • A day or two before Vday, I received these beautiful roses completely by surprised. I literally looked at the receptionist and said “really?” Complete.surprised. I haven’t seen flowers from hubster since we first dated which was about 10 years ago and since then, he always spout out saying he doesn’t want to succumb to marketing ploys, etc, etc. After reading his card though which you can see on instagram, I guess I have Bruno Mars to thank for this change of heart. 😉
  • Took a flight to Chicago right after work and brought some flight provisions – I may have gone overboard on this one, but I couldn’t pass up the deal “Buy 3 for $7” – sigh.


  • Was pretty hungry when I landed and although I had a craving for raw oysters, most of the restaurants’ kitchen closed by 11pm – bummer! So, hubby took me to this Irish pub near his school called D4. Had amazing huge plate of nachos with guac, black beans, tomatoes for $5. We also ordered the mini burgers and mussels on the menu – stuffed.
  • We got back to the hotel and hubby said he saw some sign saying we could get gym gear from room service for $5. Freaking awesome and any excuse of not being able to work out while traveling went out the window that night.
  • Next day, met up with fellow fashion blogger friend who I met during NYFW last September. She took me to this awesome brunch place called Frog n’ Snail that was just truly amazing. They even brought us coffee cake on the house. I will definitely be coming back to the place again. Thank you Shai for taking me there!! If you are ever in the area, please stop by the place – you won’t regret it.
  • Then chilled at the hotel to warm up from the cold before we got ready for hubby’s black tie event at his business school. It was a carnivale-themed event and we got to take home a mask at our table – awesome.


  • Sunday, headed to Chinatown and went to try out a dim sum place there. We asked random folks to recommend a place and they suggested Cai. Got there and there was a crowd – a good sign.
  • Was totally cold if you couldn’t tell from my get-up . =)

Honestly, I’ve said this way too many times, but I really can’t see myself living in Chicago during the winter time. Summer time though is a different story. Hubby will actually be going there in June or July for recruiting season for 4 months, so I am pretty sure there will be more visits to the “Windy City” in the near future. Anywho, hoped you enjoyed this post and have a great Monday!

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  1. Stephanie Chung says:

    Oh man! Looked like fun!