Instamix: Starry Night, Housewarming & Rainbow Drink

Hey everyone! Happy Inauguration & MLK Day! Some of you may have this day off or heading to DC for the inauguration, but unfortunately for me, I don’t have this day off. Ah well. Let’s get on with the weekend update, shall we? =)

  1. Stayed in Friday to catch up on photo work and had an engagement shoot Saturday. Right after the shoot, headed over to my good friend’s, Linda’s, place to help her prep for her housewarming party. She had a long list of appetizers – a little overzealous – lol, but we got it done before the party started. I call her the “Asian Charlotte” from SATC and it’s so true – lol. The housewarming was a lot of fun and plenty of food and of course, when there is good company and food, the evening never ends badly. =)
  2. As soon as I walked into her door, I smelled bacon. I’ve never had chocolate-covered bacon before and it definitely hit my sweet and salty palate well. Also a friend brought over this chocolate beer – never heard and didn’t try. I think I’d still prefer the chocolate-flavored red wine.
  3. Grabbing some nail polish from Linda’s stash, I did my nails quickly with Essie’s Dive Bar and “Set in Stone. Reminds me of stars at night hence the title.
  4. Still juicing and absolutely love the pretty colors after we go through all the veggies and fruits.
Well, I hope you are all have a great Monday!


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  1. NomNomblingbling says:

    Thanks again for helping me out at the housewarming!! So happy you were able to make it, love:)

  2. of course! wouldn’t miss it =) <3