Instamix: Pitch Perfect, Winter Wedding, Zara Sale

Hey everyone! First instalife update of 2013, so let’s get started!

  1. Amazon brought me a bunch of goodies that I cannot wait to dig into: pitch perfect – watched like 4x (2x last night and going back to watch my fave scenes – obsessed, I know). Favorite scenes so far are the bathroom scene (awkward but so funny); riff-offs; bruno mars scene; and the last performance – absolute love.
  2. Been wanting to get into juicing for awhile and finally pulled the trigger to get this Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer after getting a gift card from parents. I found out that the biggest difference between juicing and smoothie is that you can get the most nutrients absorbed instantly into your body from juicing versus having your stomach digest the smoothie. A great way to have your veggies and fruits servings per day.
  3. Had my first wedding shoot of 2013 second shooting with a fellow photographer. The dress and bouquet were both gorgeous. Also peacock was the main theme throughout the wedding – how gorgeous is that glitter peacock feather. The couple also turned their engagement photos into puzzles to be played during cocktail hour – genius. Most of the guest and father of the bride were deaf, which made me want to get back into sign language again. I took one year of it during college and loved it.
  4. Went to the mall Sunday to run some errands and stopped by the new Stuart Weitzman store as well as checked out the sales at Zara. I tried on a few things, but really fell in love with this tweed jacket.

Ok, that’s it for a quick update. Also, if you care to know a little bit more about me, I finally got around to editing 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me tag now live on youtube channel. =) Happy Monday all!


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