Instaweek: San Francisco

Hello all! Sorry for the late update! I didn’t get from SF until past midnight yesterday and started my new job today, so barely had time to breathe until now. Anyways, this post is from the past week, since I was away for most of the days, so let’s get started.

Tuesday, flew to SF. I typically get window seats, so I can see the cities from above – fascinating.

Sooo, when I went to pick up my rental, they ran out of cars at my rate, so I had a choice between an Escalade or this. Imagine me, 5’1 petite girl, trying to parallel park an Escalade – not going to work. So I settled for this car, which was quite embarrassing driving it around – LOL. I had no idea what type of car it was until two days later – sad. What’s funny was that I had xmas songs blasting the whole time – no shame. ^_^

Immediately off the plane, rented a car and drove straight to meet a friend for happy hour. Not much of a soda girl, but love the red against the blue sky.

Then my friend and I walked around Union Square and of course, gotta get a pic of Macy’s xmas tree.

Next day, I could not wait for lunch to meet my online BFF, MsDebraMaye, from when we first started Youtube and got to know each other well through that. We tried to meet up last time, but things didn’t align. This girl’s absolutely the sweetest online and in person, so please check her videos out, because she also has the most amazing voice. Love u, girl and miss you already!!

Came back early to hang out with my SIL and family. My 6-yr-old niece-in-law was more than happy to teach me some minuet.

Next day, met up with Anh from 9to5chic for some yummy dim sum downtown. Had so much fun catching up!

Anh recommended me to check out the Ferry building, which I’ve never been. Walked around and of course picked up some macaron from Miette to try. Also tried out La Boulange and did a little taste-testing between the two. Both are pretty comparable in terms of tastes and texture, but prefer Miette’s rose flavor ones. Plus the macarons are bigger. =D However, Ladurée still wins in my heart. =)

Stopped by Lombard street again – gotta capture it on instagram, right? =)

Stopped by my favorite place in Inner Richmond for some mixed fruit sago

Friday and Saturday were busy at the workshop and we were able to shoot at these two locations; one near the Bay bridge and one at Palace of Fine Arts.

After dinner with family, I met up with one of my photog friends to catch up a bit. The night ended with her teaching me two bars of “River Flows in You” by Yiruma and I was super excited and grateful! I can’t wait to practice more and hopefully learn to play the whole song eventually. She also played some violin for me as well. =)

Anyways that was it. There were plenty more photos on my instagram that I didn’t post, so feel free to follow for updates. I can’t believe next weekend is xmas weekend already – oy. Anyways hope this week goes by fast for you!


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