Instamix in Buffalo: Thanksgiving, Toronto & Snow

Happy Monday all! I hope you all had a great long Thanksgiving weekend. As mentioned in last post, hubby and I flew to Buffalo to spend some time with the in-laws. Though we did a lot, it was a pretty relaxing couple of days.

First off, MIL typically always cooks us a hearty Asian for Thanksgiving; howevever since they will be retiring next year, they decided to take up boss’s invitation to join her and rest of coworkers for a nice traditional Thanksgiving dinner. So I actually did get my turkey dinner after all and more desserts than I could ever hoped for. =P

The next day was of course Black Friday, however, I did most of my damage online the night before – oops. Hubby and I still went to the mall, but late morning and grabbed a few things. Stopped by Coffee Culture for a nice butterscotch caramel latte and pumpkin cheesecake break.

Ever since I could remember, I’ve always wanted to learn how to play a piano. The two pieces that I absolutely would love to learn are “Canon in D” by Pachelbel & “River Runs in You” by Yiruma. FIL and most of his family grew up learning piano at a young age and it was actually nice to wake up to his piano-playing that morning.

I actually never had pomegranate fresh before and they always seem so hard to eat. However, I remember running by instructions on pinterest that was a time-saver in eating these. All you’ll need to do is cut the pomegranate in half, soak in warm water face down for about 2-3 minutes, then break apart the membrane and scoop up the pulps. Because pomegranate is high in antioxidants, this will definitely not be the last time I eat them fresh. =)

Next morning, we drove up to Toronto, which we typically do everytime we visit in-laws. This time around, I was able to meet up Sylvia & Cerine for some korean food & karaoke. These two girls are so down-to-earth and we had such a blast belting out songs like “Fantasy” by MC & soulful version of “Whole New World” – fun times. Also, Cerine introduced both of us to matcha green tea chocolate – oh my – could be my newest addiction. =)

Sunday morning, we were greeted by winter wonderland when we woke and of course, it would naturally snow in Buffalo. I had a lot of photog work to do, so decided to head over to nearby Starbucks to try to put a dent on my to-do list. Always a sucker for cute mugs and decided to purchase the holiday one. =P Also, skinny decaf caramel brulee latte could be a replacement to the pumpkin spice latte that I typically get. =)

Well, that’s it! I hope your Monday goes by quick. I will actually be heading to NJ/NYC this weekend, so that should be fun. Thank you always for reading!


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  1. natashaufl says:

    Yum! Food pics look amazing! 🙂

    xo, tasha
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