Instamix: Black Mood, Butterbeer, Karaoke & Last Wedding

Hey everyone!! Happy Veteran’s Day to all those who dedicated their lives in helping keep this country safe. As for this past weekend, boy was it a busy one.

Believe it or not, I have not stepped inside an H&M store for at least a month or so. So was there couple days ago grabbing some stuff and most of what I bought were black. Not sure if I was in a black mood or something but barely any color this time.

Btw, didn’t realize it was a holiday today, so H&M sent out an email for 40% off for three days. They added a disclaimer that the code only applies to new purchases and not past, which I think is ridiculous. Who’s to say that you can’t return the item and repurchase it. Why make customers go through the hassle – am I right?

There was a Specialicious deal on this new hot pot place in Fairfax, so Linda and I went to try it out. She read the review prior to going and immediately texted me letting me know that they have butterbeer! I was like what?!?! LOL, needless to say that was the first thing we ordered and I had two Friday night. It wasn’t the frozen kind though, but was still good enough.

For those who don’t know about butterbeer, I am completely obsessed over the drink and I am not a soda drinker by any means. The only other place that have it is Harry Potter World in Orlando and the first time I had the frozen one, I had three in one day – so delish. Also keep in mind that I am not a huge Harry Potter fan, but I still enjoyed the theme park, nonetheless. The drink is pretty much made up of cream soda with a butterscotch topping. At this place, you can get it with rum or without. Linda chose the rum version and I got the original. =)

Had to sport the butterbeer ‘stache =P This pic cracks me up each time -LOL

We waited about 40 mins to get our grub on and was soooo worth it. Originally was going to head to a lounge right after but the food was just too tempting to go. =P

Saturday, had a client meeting at noon, then went to karaoke with a friend in the afternoon and my new friend Elle, who I met during the BCBG Most Wanted event, texted me earlier asking if I wanted to join her and her friends for karaoke later that night. And of course, how could I say no? Also, she ordered these two dishes from the place and they were sooo good. Might be my new fave hangout place in the near future. =)

Also, look who I bumped into as well?! Saw Aubrey’s instagram that she was there – what a crazy coincidence! Miss this girl!

Then Sunday, shot my last wedding for the year with a friend photographer. It was a short 6-hr wedding and the reception was held at a brazilian steakhouse. We were definitely fed pretty well, so couldn’t complain. Also, how cute is this cake topper!?

My two Fall picks from Ann Taylor’s F&F sale – did you girls pick up anything from the sale?

Ok, that’s it for me. I hope for those who have this day off, enjoy it to the fullest and thanks always for reading!


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  1. Beautiful leather jacket! I had no idea about the 40% off at H&M!!

  2. yes! u still have 2 days left! =D