Instaweek: Fitness, Food & Fortune

Hey everyone! So this past weekend, I didn’t really take a lot of photos so not much to update. I decided instead to compile photos of the week for this update, so let’s get started.

Been on a real health and fitness kick. The past several weeks, I’ve been at the gym 30 mins a day and eating healthy. Here’s an example of my cart while grocery shopping. Love all the beautiful colors! =D As a result, I reached lower than my goal weight and it feels so good to be fit – such a great motivation to continue.

Bought this faux leather skirt at F21 to add to my Fall wardrobe. Can’t wait to start pairing outfits with this skirt! Also put in an order online yesterday on a few things so waiting for those to come in soon.

I’ve definitely been feeling the Fall weather so decided to paint my nails for the occasion – can’t wait to see all the colors of the leaves at its peak soon!

Met up with a friend for lunch and got this fortune – how very fitting =)

Met up another friend for dinner and tried out a new restaurant where I ordered the fried oysters. I typically like them raw, but this dish wasn’t too bad.

The place decided to give us complimentary donuts for dessert – yumm.

Then wedding shoot Saturday and it’s so nice to always sit down to a hot meal at the end of the day.

Hope you all have a great Monday!


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  1. notarichgirl says:

    I love the nails!! I met Melissa from Fabulously Thrifty this weekend and when I told her about meeting you I described you as a ball of energy!! lol

  2. thx girl! lol – aww, that’s too funny!