Instamix: Sushi, Horse Stable Wedding, and Catchup

Hello all! Another busy weekend… One more wedding this coming Sat for the month of October; then just one in Nov and another in December… Not to mention 2 e-sessions and baby session coming up – oh boy.. Hopefully after all this is done, I can finally just relaxed and do more regular postings.

My favorite go-to sushi place – the best around my area.

The weather has been warm and cold lately and I wanted to be sure that I stop by Serendipity 3 before the weather turns too cold to have some of the frozen hot chocolate – mmm.

I drove down to help another photographer shoot this wedding on a horse stable farm and there I met this super nice stallion.. He was huge! I was a bit afraid to pet him but then worked up the courage to caress down the side of his nose. I’ve always wanted to go horseback riding but never got a chance to.. After this farm, it really makes me want to scout a location to do so.

I went over to my friend’s place to do a video documentary for a mutual friend of ours who passed away three years ago.. It was pretty hard to relive the moments again, but was glad to do so amongst friends.. Afterwards, we went out to eat at a new pizza place that had pretty good reviews on yelp.

The gelato there wasn’t too bad either – tried out their black cherry and pumpkin flavor – mmm mmm!

Ok, that’s it! Hoped everyone had a great weekend and happy Monday all!


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