Instamix: Casual Friday, Well-Suited & Horse Lessons

Hey everyone! So I survived the month of October with a wedding every weekend – whew! I have a break this coming weekend before last wedding of the year to shoot the next, so going to be relaxing and maybbeee do a video? We’ll see… Anyways, let’s get started with the weekend update.

I absolutely love Fall when the temps are in the 60’s and 70’s and Friday was absolutely a gorgeous day. Headed down to Eastern Market to check out this macaron place called Sweet Lobby that I’ve read pretty great reviews on Yelp. I got four flavors; Hazelnut, Red Velvet, Rose and Pumpkin (seasonal). The pumpkin was good but didn’t really like the texture at all. The rest were amazing and I will definitely go there again.

Also, I love anything rose-related when it comes to scented anything, but was never really into the savory part of rose. Lately though, I have really been loving the Tazo rose tea, so calming, and this rose macaron was pretty good too!

Shot a friend’s wedding with a friend photographer at the W Hotel in DC this past Saturday and of course, my friend’s adorbs shih-tzu was well-suited for the occasion. I could not stop taking photos of him – so freaking cute!

Last weekend, I shot a wedding at a horse stable farm and that really made me want to take up horse riding lessons. I’ve always wanted to but never really got around to it. I made it a point this time and went to a stable near me to try out the introductory class on my own. I really liked the class and Santa was my horse that day – so well-behaved. However, I think my bum was a bit bruised after a little trot around the area – lol. If they will allow me, I would definitely duct-tape a pillow next time. =P Btw, the folks there wouldn’t allow me to wear a scarf to keep my neck warm, so I had to zip my jacket all the way up for some warmth. =)

Afterwards, hubby and I stopped by one of our fave asian place to go for some late lunch. And apparently I found out later that this place is owned by another friend photographer of mine – crazy small world. =)

So I’m sure many of you on the East Coast is gearing up for Hurricane Sandy. I don’t know if I will be working Mon and Tues, but most of the school in the area are already closing for those days. Hubby and I already stocked up our fridge and I am totally getting ready for some hot pot later today. =) Anyways, thank you for reading and be safe everyone on the East Coasters!!


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