New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 Roundup

Hey everyone! So originally I was going to split these photos up into separate posts but honestly, I don’t think I will be able to find the time – lol. Therefore please forgive me for the onslaught of photos below.

When going up to NYC for fashion week, I had only two things planned for the day but the rest of the time, I left my schedule wide opened. I mean, it’s NYC. I was bound to be able to find something to do, especially when in great company and good food.

Day 1 was heading to IFBCON Day 2 and I really didn’t know where I was going once I checked in. Headed straight down to a group of folks towards the window and turns out that it was a mini breakout session about including videos during blogging. Most I already know but it was great to see some familiar faces on the panel, most specifically, Lindsay Calla from Saucy Glossy and Jessica Harlow from YT

Then I found my way to the actual main room where the seminars were and the keynote speaker for the day was supermodel, Iman. Few of us bumped into her while shooting on the streets and she was simply the nicest person you could meet, not to mention gorgeous in person. Also hilarious and a no-fuss type of girl – love her. She was probably the best session out of the whole thing. I also didn’t realize that she has her own cosmetic line called Iman Cosmetics for ethnic women.

Then it was time to head over to Glam Media dinner at Beaumarchais where I met a ton of awesome ladies as well. On a side note, I am horrible with names, which was why I was quick to grab biz cards. However, there were some who didn’t have any so advance apologies if you weren’t named in photos.

There were cocktails for the first hour and then they herded us into the main dining area and the setup was plain gorgeous. Loved every bit of it.

Middle: Christine from NYCPretty; Left: Nikki from My Style Diaries

Right: Julie from iHeartHeels; Middle: Lexi from Lexi With the Curls; Danielle from The Style and Beauty Doctor

Next Day was Fashion Night Out and it was my first time heading to that, so I had no idea what to expect. Met up with Wendy and Kelly at Saks first for the Rebecca Minkoff event then grabbed a few drinks with Anh from 9to5Chic and her cousin, Han and her ah-mazing friend, Devon.

Little did I know that hanging with them was going to turn into three days of driving back to Jersey past 3am – LOL. I think we went to 3-4 different places in one night – was so busy doing that that I didn’t even have time to check into any of the places on Yelp – lol. Definitely some unforgettable nights. =)

Some deep conversations around the table if you couldn’t tell. =)

The next morning, took Wendy and Kelly to Ippudo for their first time there because anyone coming to NYC must try out their pork buns. No exceptions – LOL.

After that, I hung around Lincoln Center since it was my first time there and grabbed some random photos.

Hung out with Aimee from Song of Style the night before – very sweet in person. Her sister was just as sweet too.

Wendy’s paparazzi =P

Afterwards, Devon invited us over to his place where he had two hours to prep and make a 12-course dinner, which was TDF! It was seriously AH-mazing and Devon, please cook for me anytime! =D

main entree
Homemade dessert
and more dessert from Sant Ambroeus

the Ah-mazing chef himself

Cheering to great company and food
The girls from left to right: Kelly, myself, Anh, Han, Wendy and Helena

Saturday, I pretty much caught up on sleep and did some blogging before heading out to ASOS Rewardstyle party – some photos here from the night.

Then Sunday, grabbed brunch at Bouchon bakery with Wendy, MM, Kelly & her man, Jessica and her fiance and Devon.

While walking over to Stella and Dot’s Styling event, we passed by Sabon. Wendy and Kelly never tried their products, so we insisted they get the whole hand-washing experience with some of Sabon’s amazing scrubs and lotions.

Awesome candy buffet and amazing jewelry below from Stella & Dot

Although I didn’t attend any shows during fashion week, I still had the most unforgettable times in NYC with some of the most ah-mazing girls above. For February though, I’m making a point to attend at least one show – lol.

Anyways, there were so many things happening in between that were not captured on camera, but they will be forever stored away as wonderful memories where I could look back on them and smile. =) Until next time girls! Thank you for the most memorable fashion week ever. XOXO!


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  1. NYC was so much fun! Thanks for all good food and shop recommendations! =)

  2. Wow! You’re covering an awesome event! So fashiony!

  3. oh I love Sabon.. I have their scrub and it is wonderful!

  4. Chelsea Jackson says:

    oh I love Sabon.. I have their scrub and it is wonderful!

  5. anytime girly! lmk if u do come again! =D <3

  6. lol – thx but not as much as i wanted to! =)

  7. they are soooo awesome!


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