Instamix: NM, Brunch & Viet Bakery Yummies

Hey everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I didn’t do much on Friday since I had to wake up super early on Saturday to attend a Neiman Marcus event giving some of the bloggers in the area a preview of the Fall 2012 items.

I got a whole bunch of goodies which will be posted later this afternoon! I was prepping that post all day Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. I also filmed a whole bunch of videos after I came back from NM; one tutorial and a tag coming soon this week. =)

Then Sunday, met up with some college friends of mine and ate a brewery place called Mad Fox Brewery that also serves brunch. How good does this banana bread french toast looks? I mean, it literally melted in my mouth and was so good.

I stopped by Eden Center in VA known for all vietnamese restaurants and goodie stuff. There was a bakery there that my mom love to visit whenever she’s in town and I wanted to get these “Asian donuts” as they call it. It has more of a bread texture than donuts but this was my fave snack to eat when I was little.

I also was curious to try avocado smoothie bubble tea, but unfortunately, I don’t think I like it much. It was weird to me to try my favorite veggie item made into a smoothie. I love avocados and guacamole so you would think I would like this drink, but I just couldn’t get passed the idea of veggie in my drink. It also didn’t help that the mixture was really really thick. Hmm, maybe it’s an acquired taste? *shrug*

Alright, that’s it for my update. Btw, this post marks my 400th post on my blog – how crazy is that? Have a great Monday everyone and thanks so much for reading as always!


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