Instamix: Bon Chon, Fitting & Macarons

Hello hello all! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I was up in NJ/NYC this past weekend for a wedding to shoot in NYC. Before I get started with a small weekend update, I wanted to add this mouth-watering photo below – bon chon chicken wings. I had such a craving for it, so had to get my fill – mm mm!

Originally, I was going to head straight to my sister’s place in Jersey but then had a conversation with her during the drive and she mentioned a fitting in south jersey. Well, since I was on my way up, I decided to stop by the fitting. Sigh, love ruffles. Only 19 days till her wedding! I had planned to only shoot the wedding, but then it looks like I will also be doing my sister’s hair and makeup for the wedding since she didn’t have a great trial run. Will be a busy day, but can’t wait. Counting down!

Saturday’s wedding was actually located on the Upper East Side and of course both hotel and venue were minutes away from Ladurée . I had to make an unscheduled stop. =P The city also blocked off most of Park Avenue in the morning for some sort of bike/running marathon, so needless to say, it was such a b* to get to the hotel. Good thing I had my camera gear in a roller, otherwise trekking through the streets of NYC would’ve been such a pain. It was a 12-hr wedding day, but having great couple clients totally make the day go by fast.

I brought this color up with me but never got to paint my nails with it. So rocking the neon color for Monday – yep.

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed this update and have a great Monday!


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  1. If your up in NYC again I want to take you to this other korean fried chicken place! I think it will become your new fave!!!

  2. @Ari ohh, what is it? is it kyochon? i tried one in LA and not impressed =/

  3. @~Mel
    Its called mad for chicken. It is actually across the street from a bonchon! I agree with you on Kyochon, its not all that impressive.

  4. @Ari oh I’ve tried it! it’s actually not too bad. – hehe =D

  5. @~Mel

    Oh Im glad you tried it! All this chicken talk is making me crave chicken… haha

  6. laduree’s macaroons are the best!
    xx theflossylife