Instamix: Sunflower fields, Sister’s wedding & Major Foodfest

Hey everyone! I apologize for the late update but been busy trying to catch up from the weekend. Although it was tiring, it was a weekend I’ve been counting down to for awhile.

First, the sunflower fields finally found with the help of my photo friend, Abpan Photography. I am always amazed by her HDR images, so please check her out if you like to see more of her work.

As mentioned in theDaybook’s family session, this field eluded us when we were we looking all around for it. It turns out that the field was moved to a different location nearby, quite hidden from the main road. It was definitely a sight to see.

Then it was pampering day Friday morning with my sister and the bridal party. Believe it or not, this was my second time having a manicure. The first time was four years ago the day before my wedding. I always get french manicure – just keeping it classy. =P I opted out of the pedicure since my feet’s quite ticklish – lol.

Then my sister surprised the bridal party and I with a little gift from Helen Ficalora. I’ve never heard of her jewelry line before but apparently the monogrammed letter necklaces are one of her best sellers. I absolute love anything personalized and I can’t wait to add another charm to the necklace.

Had some yummy char-grilled chicken over rice and eggs at a viet place nearby for the rehearsal lunch – yum!

Then it was dinner time at the family’s house. Tons of yummy delishness made by mom and my dad’s side of the family. Hubby was definitely quite jealous that he had to miss the bun bo hue since he didn’t get in until late Friday night. That must be his favorite vietnamese dish ever.

The next day, my sister woke me up at 6am to start the bridal hair and makeup on her before tea ceremony at 8am. Everything at that point was go, go, go and I only had about 30 mins to get ready myself before I started putting on the photog gear and shooting away. Have to weed over a little under 6K photos but I can’t wait. The whole day was surreal and it definitely involved lots of tears and happiness. Congratulations L & K!! Hope you have a great 2 weeks on your Europe trip!


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